“Forced into marriage Pakistani poisoned to death her husband and 14 more

– Pakistani police have arrested a woman who with a poisoned milk killed his wife and another 14 people in Punjab province in the North-East of the country, reported on Tuesday the Pakistani media.

According to them, 21-year-old Asia Bibi was forced to marry a few days ago for Amjad Lashari, although she was in love with another young man. Then the woman along with her lover, planned the murder of her husband.

Bibi decided to put poison in milk, but when she brought my husband a Cup he refused to drink. Then mother Bibi, assuming that the glass of milk is a poison, used it in homemade yogurt and butter, which is then treated the whole family.

The result is poisoned products used 27 people, 15 of them died, including the husband of Bibi. The others were hospitalized. What poison was used by the woman, is not specified.

Bibi admitted his guilt and informed the police that she added the milk into poison. Detained together with her her lover. What punishment they could face, not reported.

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