Grigoriy Dobrygin starred in the Turkish “Solaris”

In the competition of the 30th Tokyo international film festival involved the picture of the “Grain” of the famous Turkish film Director Semih Kaplanoglu. One of the roles in it was played by the Russian actor who was awarded the Silver bear at the Berlinale for the film “How I ended this summer”, Grigory Dobrygin.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
Director Zhanna Issabayeva and actors Laura Queen and Roman Lystsov present the film “Light”.

From him you never know if you stare at a seemingly familiar features, but somehow I doubt it. But when the hero asked: “Andrey!”, — all doubts have disappeared. So Russian, so Dobrygin. Semih Kaplanoglu finally freed, perhaps, from the project of his life, finished the epic trilogy, “Egg” — Milk — “Honey” and suddenly went into something infernal, or distant, or near future. He admitted that he was inspired by “Solaris” by Andrei Tarkovsky. Although the “Grain” is a quote from “Sacrifice”, and the zone of “Stalker” I remember throughout the film. This black and white picture about a man who is trying to perform and not to change the best of all worlds. Played his 57-year-old French actor and Director Jean-Marc Barr, who played almost all the films of Lars von Trier from “Europe” and “Breaking the waves” to “Dogville” and “Nymphomaniac”. In 2002, he visited Moscow with his directorial work “Too much flesh”. In Tokyo Jean-Marc was represented by “Grain” with Director and producer. Gregory Dobrygin was not. He played the role of the second plan and with the hero Barra moved at a lifeless apocalyptic space. You can dream on their journey. Especially impressive are the graphical beauty footage of Andrew in a boat drifting through the dried tall grass.

Before that Grigory Dobrygin has already participated in international projects. From Anton Corbijn in “the most dangerous man” is played by a Chechen man, and this despite his Slavic appearance. After starring in “the Grain,” he recalled, that working with Semicom Kaplanoglu was difficult, because he is one of those despotic Directors who are able to mentally crush an actor. This, by the way, did not think, looking at 54-year-old Kaplanoglu, do not remove the cap even on stage. I wonder what prompted him to create “Grain” is not only the cinematic experience, but also the urbanism of Detroit, events in the middle East, the realities of their own country. “The world is in turmoil, says Kaplanoglu. The Syrians had overrun Turkish Anatolia. I see the needy and poor people on the streets of Stockholm…” determine the Migrants way of life and in his film, they resemble the barbarians. And the music, sounding the final “Grain”, takes on the planet Solaris.

One of the most memorable experiences of the festival — screening of Kazakhstani films “Light” of Zhanna Isabayeva the then discussed with the Japanese audience. As starred in the film Amateur hard-of-hearing actors, and the audience came special. No less impressive and the film’s budget — 17 thousand dollars. Hearing this figure, our filmmakers should fall from his chair. Them sometimes, and 25 million rubles a little. Zhanna Issabayeva takes copyright movies often on your own risk, relying on their own strength. Before she had filmed several pictures about deaf, in particular the “country of the deaf” by Valery Todorovsky, “the Tribe” Ukrainian Director Miroslav Slaboshpytsky.

Zhanna Issabayeva recalls how it all started: “I conceived the film, but I was determined to go to the deaf society. If you find there actors, then I will remove. For Laura Queen and Roman Liscova I made this film. When I wrote the script I knew nothing about deaf and thought they were closed. It turned out not so. They are very talkative and sociable. But if their anger, then everything will be hard. They are either good or evil. Gradual transition from one state to another they do not. I love to take topics that scare me. This film is a challenge for me. Despite all the horrors that make the Lights, I wanted to justify it, to show why she is. Light — a product of the ruthless system. It is unlikely to change and become a different person because of the already established personality. But Light will do everything that her children were better. They’re not in the orphanage and in the family. It was difficult for me to remove. Even professional actors work hard, and then had to show. I played the whole film as an actress. Every take they were shown.”

The painting not only sign language but also in Russian, as Laura Queen and Roman Lystsov — Russian people living in Alma-ATA. She’s a theater for the hard of hearing, he dreamed of becoming a model, photographs. Both have hearing and speaking children.

Laura says about her work: “I Read the script and thought that in life I’m not. How to play a completely different person. We do not hear, and Jeanne does not know the gestures. She wrote to us on paper and we read. Now we have a common language and easy for us, and on the set everything was difficult.” Laura and Roman learned to read lips of Jeanne. And during the discussion of the film with the Japanese audience she wrote to Laura something on paper, and one with hands translated the Novel, which does not speak. Laura took the microphone and spoke loudly, not as in life, though much to transmit voice, she can’t. It involves several translators from Russian to Japanese, Japanese to English, and even sign language interpreter who worked the whole room. In the first row is very temperamental Japanese hard-of-hearing viewers. For them it is a huge event. These films they have not seen. While the translators did their work, they are gestures were talking with Laura, but then led Russian artists to explore the city. The autograph session lasted more than an hour. Here the spectators lined up at the airport as serpentine. Everyone is coming up with a catalog, receives an autograph, photographed. Came and great speaking in Russian canadian. My question is, why such a brilliant knowledge of the language, replied that once worked for the CIA, and there teach can. And he came because he wanted to see the movie on Russian language.

Looking at the happiness that is experienced these days Laura and the novel, always remembered by Andrei Konchalovsky, deprived of a trip to the Venice film festival postman Alexei Trapezina and other non-professional actors, who starred in his film “White nights postman Alexei Trapezina”.

Another high — profile event-the screening of a restored version of the legendary film “the Legend of Narayama” by Shohei since the beginning of recorded in 1983 and held with great success at the Soviet box office. He received the Grand Prix of the 36th Cannes film festival, and after a while looks great. In the film played the ritual killing of elderly people who are 70 years of age freeloaders. The children will take them to die alive to the top of mount Narayama. The heroine of 69. Now this is not the age, and in the movie she’s a woman, looks maskers, artificially aged, and that’s the only thing now is distrust. But the Soviet people in the 80s, was struck by another — explicit scenes, which nobody saw. Now it is difficult to remember whether the film is stopped, left in it a scene of copulation with a dog, which now produces on the audience a lasting impression, however, he responds to her laughter.

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