Halloween: how the harvest festival was the day fun horror stories

Today, in many countries, people of any age, but primarily kids and Teens, celebrate an unofficial holiday called Halloween, which made dressing up in costumes of scary creatures. Sometimes it seems that actually afraid of this feast, only those who see it as a threat to established cultural values. Although Halloween in its present form is the result of a fusion of cultures, it is believed that in the first place, he goes back to Camino – Celtic holiday of the harvest.

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The pagan festival Samhain, first descriptions of which are found in old Icelandic literature of the tenth century, lasted seven days – however, the fourth and major and his day falls on October 31. The name of this holiday comes from the old Irish word Samhain, which meant “summer’s end” and later became the Irish name for the month of November. Samhain was celebrated by all the peoples of the British Isles and was considered a time when the “light” half of the year gives way to “dark”. These days usually end with the harvest and the people began to divide. Also, there was discussion what proportion of cattle will not survive the winter – it was cut to make stock. Samhain was also celebrated as the day of honoring the dead. The pagan festival was connected with many of the “mystical traditions” – for example, druids with leave fire on the bones of dead animal pictures have predicted the future.

Although the onset of the “dark” part of the year in the minds of the Celts, to some extent, really was associated with fear of those or other dangerous mythical creatures “holiday spirits” on October 31 was already under the influence of Christianity this day, in some sense, began to oppose the coming of January 1, all saints Day. According to the Oxford English dictionary, the word “Halloween” is first mentioned in the XVI century as a Scottish abbreviation of the English phrase All-Hallows-Even, that is, the Evening of all saints.

Curiously, the tradition to dress in costumes which Halloween today associate the holiday is rather young – it was first recorded a little over a century ago. While initially the costumes were really scary images of ugly thin people, and only in the XXI century established a tradition according to which the suit must be not only scary, but interesting, unusual and even beautiful.

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