Hamilton is not simple, but now not worse

For two stages before the end of the season by a British pilot of “Formula 1” Lewis Hamilton became a four-time world champion. He did not seek to crown another beautiful, triumphant in its time, the pursuit of optional victory came at a cost to his compatriot Nigel. Lewis has just finished the Mexican Grand Prix the ninth of his two points deprived of a chance against nearest rival Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari. Now both have four wins. Welcome to the elite club, ham!

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The dark skinned pilot now 32 years: a year ago at this age, his ex-partner for Mercedes of Nico Rosberg said about leaving racing series, one title he’s had enough. Hamilton is not like that. Winning the first time in 2008, he suffered a series of setbacks, the hegemony of Red Bull and Vettel personally, gradually improving and working on the cars of the German team. Surprisingly, the pilot is able to combine the qualities of a man and the Joker with the attitude an absolute perfectionist. We were able to communicate with the future four-time eve may the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi. Remember the most vivid statements of the rider, formulated at a time when he did not, and Vettel was in the lead in the overall standings, and the turning point of the championship was yet to come.


I love the embossed tracks, such as the Belgian Spa. Sochi is good in terms of the circuit, but in this sense it is flat. And yet, although many think that we are not distracted during the race, the crowd we give birth. And there were Grand Prix, where the sectors gaping hole. It’s not very nice. When driving on the highway “Suzuka” in Japan, the heart always begins to tremble before the last Chicane, from the consciousness that here is not just the fate of the title in the most severe struggle between the great Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna! And I really love the city stages, where traveling between the ancient buildings as in Baku, Monaco. Oh, they used to build with a soul! If I were the architect of traces, something new and different from myself would have definitely brought…


— It’s a hard thing, but it is of two types. Struggling with either other pilots or teammates. I was able to try both. In each case, has its pros and cons. Now and I’m sure throughout the season, the fight with Ferrari will bring us together within the team. Because the team is not just two riders, and a huge collective body. So we can resist the rivals together. But if the battle takes place within the team, this is also unusual but you seem to be one.


“The formula‑1” would like it to be as fast as possible. And every time I have to find a compromise between this desire and safety. Therefore, each racing Friday pilots meeting we discuss what we like and what not. Punishment are sometimes hard, unexpected, but not remove completely. “Formula” is constantly under rotation. The place of the departed come the newbies, they are also the threshold needs to understand that there is not permissiveness. In short, it’s a job that never ends.


— All the drivers there are signs, but no you don’t, otherwise they will cease to be. In the world I’m a simple guy, simple pleasures not alien to me. But I would like to emphasize that I am a person with lots of energy and are drawn to positivity, to those people who share with me a good mood. One sometimes also useful to stay, but then to my rescue comes a variety of music. I not only listen, but also himself in his spare time learning to play…

The most titled racers “Formula 1” of all time

Michael SCHUMACHER (Germany) — 7 titles

Juan Manuel FANGIO (Argentina) — 5

Alain Prost (France) — 4

Sebastian VETTEL (Germany) — 4

Lewis HAMILTON (UK) — 4

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