“Held in the kindergarten of the Armenian Armavir child released

The man who seized three-year old boy hostage, defused

Archived fotofoto: panthermedia/vostock-photo

– Three-year-old boy who was held down a knife-wielding man hostage on the territory of the kindergarten in the Armenian town of Armavir, released.

As the correspondent of “Interfax”, this was heard the sound of gunfire.

The child handed over to parents, law enforcement officers took with the kindergarten a man.

Doctors told reporters that two people were wounded in the neck and hands. Their identity is not yet known.

In мире30 Oct 2017На kindergarten in Armenia was attacked by a former husband of one of sotrudnichaet read more

The first Deputy head of Armenian police Hunan Poghosyan said that broke into the building of a kindergarten male neutralized, at the same time, operation is not affected.

According to him, “the man tried self-injury that was foiled by law enforcement.”

“For the clearance we only used non-lethal weapons,” – said Pogosyan.

As reported, unknown persons attacked with a knife at a kindergarten in Armavir. A source in law enforcement bodies reported that the man demanded a meeting with his ex-wife, who works in this establishment.

According to him, the man freed the employees of the kindergarten and most children, but continues to hold one child.

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