“I invented everything”: a Chechen woman apologized to Kadyrov for the detention of husband

A resident of Chechnya Milan Nuraliev was forced to apologize to the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov after complaining to the security forces who arrested her husband.

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The detention took place on October 26 in the Nadterechny district: according to the local Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Walid Bozilova, 30 people were brought to work in the cemetery for “the use of alcohol, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances”.

However, the sources of “Kavkaz.Realities” said that the real reason for detention was the attempt by security forces to reach homosexuals and extremists. In particular, so none of the detainees, claims the media, has not been formally charged.

Nuraliev, referring to Kadyrov, wrote that the arrest occurred because “some junkie said that they, too, were involved”. In addition, for the liberation of people, the security forces allegedly demanded 150 thousand rubles. “Why must the innocent suffer, and where the law is for poor people?” — Kadyrov asked a question Nuraliyeva.

However, she soon was forced to leave the opposite review, according to which from her husband’s parents learned that he was detained “for the use of psychotropic drugs”.

“I want to say that we have the money no one asked, and all I came up with myself. I want to apologize from Ramzan Akhmatovich and all citizens of the Chechen Republic for his rash act,” wrote Nuraliyeva.

Recall that the practice of public apology to Kadyrov exist in Chechnya for several years: various people had complained to Kadyrov or Kadyrov, then I take it back. One of them, Adam Dikayev’s forced to do it under the camera with his pants down on the treadmill.

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