Identify the key signs of adultery

Australian analysts, self-proclaimed experts in the study of adultery, spoke about the external signs by which you can guess about my husband’s infidelity. According to the representative of the organization David king, often women who suspect their men of infidelity, be close to the truth.


According to analysts, men, changing or hoping to change your spouse, start taking better care of myself – often to shave, slightly better dressed, take care of your own smell and so on. Each of these changes is in itself not very significant, but collectively they are, for the approval of the king, may be evident.

Also a sign of infidelity may be the changed attitude of men towards their own phone – for example, a suspicious, if the husband installed it on the smartphone with a password, although I have never needed, or simply suddenly become more attentive to the fact that the smartphone even accidentally fell into the hands of his wife. Strange messages appearing on the screen of the smartphone can also be a cause for jealousy, say the authors.

Unmotivated outbursts of aggression against others, also announced a symptom of the fact that the man is cheating, feels guilty and is trying to let out accumulated because of this tension.

Finally, evidence of adultery is declared a situation in which a man starts much more often than before, leaving the house alone under potentially false pretenses, or to come back later.

These symptoms often cause for suspicion on the part of women without advice from “experts”, however, king argues that in this case, women’s intuition works a lot better than it might seem. However, it is worth noting that he represents the company engaged in “stalking” potentially unfaithful husbands, so promotion suspicion on the part of women can be interpreted not only as a desire to help them, but as advertising their own services.

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