In the place where Putin has opened the wall of sorrow, happened communal accident

Five-meter fountain suddenly scored right at the Wall of Lamentation, which yesterday opened with fanfare in CAO in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A huge column of water smashes on the territory of the local construction near the house number 3 along the street Sadovaya-Spasskaya. The incident excited passers-by who immediately started to upload videos to social networks. Many users jokingly called the accident “the season of winter fountains”, and some thought that the idea of the architect. However, the reason was much more prosaic.

photo: social networks

The signal we received about 11 o’clock in the morning – said “MK” in the press service of “Mosvodokanal”. – Crew employees arrived at the scene found that the unknown who had access to the building site, decided to illegally connect to a fire hydrant without notifying us and violating safety. As a result of the hydrant poured water. By the way, the post was not long, the water pressure is fast asleep, and our repairmen are almost instantly blocked the gate as soon as he discovered the cause of the leak.

Also in Department noted that no victims of the incident. The monument to the “Wall of sorrow” is also not affected. Recall that a Grand monument of sculptor George and architect Andrew Mangalakova was opened on October 30. It is dedicated to the victims of political repression and stands in a small Park at the intersection of the Garden ring and Sakharov Avenue.

Watch the video on:
“After us – the deluge: on the site of a monument accident”


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