“It is normal”: a Moscow court has published the home address of the journalist ivy

Journalist Alexander Plyuschev announced that the petty-bourgeois court has published his home address and in no hurry to remove him from access even after complaining about it.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Alexander Plushev

Recall that the court rejected the claim of ivy in the FSB and Roskomnadzor, the journalist demanded to recognize illegal the demand by agencies encryption keys messenger.

“With the decision justifying the refusal, wrote ivy in his telegram, — on the court’s website appeared and mentioned in the lawsuit my address. I learned about it from a reader of my telegram channel, and then downloaded a document with its own address. So did the astonished lawyers of “Agora” (representing the interests of ivy — ed.).

However, even after complaining to the publication of personal data in court, according to ivy, said that it is “OK”, and then reported that the removal can take several days. “Only in the evening, the link was producing error 500”, — summed up the history of ivy, adding that “we are with Agora, of course, will do everything necessary in such a situation, legal steps.”

Recall that co-host ivy with “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer — is now in the hospital after attacking her with a knife in the editorial office of the radio station. On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in case no political background, once the attack was “sick of Israel.” The situation with the publication of his address on this background, the ivy was described as “not very encouraging”.

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