“Kept to himself”: the brother of Kevin spacey told about the rape by the father-a Nazi

Hollywood passions continue to boil around Kevin spacey, who pleaded gay amid allegations of attempted sexual abuse of a teenager. Brother of actor, Randall Fowler, spoke about the childhood of the star: according to him, their father was a monster who raped their own children.

In an interview with The Daily Mail Fowler stated that their father, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler often beat children, and when he (Randall – “MK”) was 12 — he first abused him.

According to him, the sexual abuse continued for four years, and everything was done with the tacit consent of the mother. Also the younger brother of the actor said that his father was an ardent fan of Hitler, joined the American Nazi party and shaved moustache in the manner of the leader of the Third Reich.

Because of what was happening in their family Kevin, says Randall, right, and their sister at some point broke down and ran away from home.

Earlier, the actor from the TV series “star trek” Anthony RAPP accused spacey of harassment. According to him, it happened in 1986, when he was 14 years old, and Kevin is 26.

Spacey later said that described by RAPP events could really take place, but he doesn’t remember it, because during the party was very drunk. Also the actor said that is gay. After that, many accused spacey that his coming out he tries to get away.

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