Like a lost child: the court extended the arrest of “Ivanteevka arrow”

The teenager opened fire on 5 September at school No. 1 in Ivanteevka situated near Moscow, will remain in jail until Feb. This decision was made on Tuesday Basmanny court of Moscow.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

According to investigators, the student had planned his attack in advance. I wrote about this in social networks and discussed the details with friends. For this, he took from his father the traumatic gun, a few firecrackers and went to grab school. The boy broke into the computer classroom, ordered all the students to sit on the floor and shouting “I came here to die!” shot to the head teacher, and then at the ceiling. In the class started to panic, some students, trying to escape, began to jump from the Windows. Three children fell on the asphalt, getting broken legs.

On Tuesday, the Basmanny district court was not crowded: a few media representatives and the parents of 15-year-old accused. Him in handcuffs, was brought into the courtroom under escort, which included the cynologist with a guard dog.

Yevgeny (name changed) in the glasses with the short haircut “hedgehog” in blue trousers and a beige sweatshirt, sneakers with Velcro fasteners, the impression of a lost child. He could barely understand the questions he was asked by the judge.

— What education do you have?

— I have not yet received education.

Okay. In what grade in school?

After a pause, the boy replied that in the eighth grade. In fact, he began to study at nine.

In the hall next to the lawyer Victor Zaprudsky sat his parents. Arrow mom was very nervous, fiddling with a handkerchief. To the court came as a representative of the school.

After establishing the identity of the teenager took the floor to the Prosecutor. She asked to hold the meeting behind closed doors, arguing that the fact that at the time of the crime, the minor is not yet 16 years old. The judge granted the motion. The audience left the hall. The case took another 20 minutes. Details of the meeting were able to learn from a lawyer Zaprudsky. He explained that the investigator asked the teenager to extend the detention period to 5 March. And the defense insisted to transfer student under the supervision of their parents, which would ensure his appearance before the magistrate. But the staff of the RCDS and the Prosecutor objected. According to them, not all investigations conducted, and not all witnesses are identified and questioned. They believe that Eugene might abscond from trial.

The investigator said that the teenager not guilty. And we declare that it recognizes, but does not agree with qualification. He had no intent to kill, — said the defender.

In the end, the Basmanny court of Moscow extended the arrest of student prior to February 5, 2018.

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