Living in Russia were pricked in their original Japanese initiative

Another way of relaxation and at the same time fight for the rights of Pets invented in Japan. Here decided to create the world’s first cat train. He goes to the city of Ogaki, and the cars are traveling 30 the purrs of different suits. They can take on your knees, to stroke, to do with them self and scratch behind the ear. As shown, wanting to ride the train in “baleen and stripes” – the sea.

photo: social networks

Following the worldwide trend of cafés, which picked up, by the way, Moscow, the world came the fashion for cute animals in transport. “Meowing” a Japanese train was launched in the framework of the campaign, aimed to draw attention to the problem of homeless cats. It was organized by a railway company and a network of cat cafes. It is reported that through these experiences, the number of homeless cats in shelters in Japan has dropped by 70%.

However, the Russian animal rights activists believe that the idea of artificially inhabit the public spaces of our smaller brethren will remain the prerogative of the civilized countries. To which Russia is not a concern, because in our country still fails to advance the law on the protection of animals. So there is such creativity will go on and will be popular even among those who are tolerant of homeless animals, according to the activist of initiative group “Again.NO” Maria Vysotskaya.

– In Russia, too many ignorant people for whom coexistence with animals is unnatural, she says. – They don’t think about the fact that if you have cats there are no rats. They do not understand that the ecology of the city abhors a vacuum — it always will be present certain animals. If expel dogs, there will be someone another, less friendly and potentially dangerous. Look what happened in England and the Czech Republic. In these countries, in of the city came wild animals. In England — the Fox and the Czech Republic — wild boars. But in Italy and Japan to the yard dogs and younger cats treated with great respect. And there does not occur cases of attacks by stray animals on people.

– Japan has very reverent attitude to the cats, – has told “MK” the people’s artist of Russia Yuri Kuklachev. – They have a cat island temple of cats, sad cats, Park cats. There’s a whole different mentality. We have the same people do not live the love of neighbor and gossip, scandals and rumors. To reverse this situation, I opened my School of kindness, helping children to learn and understand ourselves through street art and contact with cats. However, this work is very heavy. Constantly faced with obstacles. But my team has long been accustomed to the fact that the kindness should be with fists. To protect his mother, his father, his children and defenseless animals need to fight for their rights. So I wish you perseverance and patience to all animal welfare organizations that exist in Russia.

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