Malezhik first came on the scene after a stroke

In the center of the capital there took place the creative evening of the famous author and artist, Creator of such hits as “provincial”, “Mosaic”, “fellow Traveler”, the legend of Soviet music of Vyacheslav Malezhik. For the first time after a stroke, the singer took the stage under the applause of fans a strong spirit, not broken by disease. Correspondent “MK” talked to the star about his health, concert, musical genres, rap, politics and friends-artists.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The capital club in downtown Moscow. Background sound quiet guitar passages. The light was dim. The conversation takes place over the festively laid table, at the head of which herring, decorated with different vegetables.

Vyacheslav Efimovich, what helped you to cope with the disease? Family? The desire to get back to work?

— Illness continue to struggle. I try to stay positive and believe in recovery — meets singer, smiling cautiously. — The main argument in my success, how would not want to sound pretentious, heaven. As I understand it, I was left in this world to finish my case and in General to comprehend why we live. Family and friends have a special impact on my health. First and foremost, my wife Tatyana, who literally nursed me back to health. For which many thanks to her.

As we speak, in the room and then drop the musicians, they are preparing for rehearsals, consult with the main star, trial take chords.

— What do you feel for the first time after an illness on stage?

— I pretty much cracked. Go out with some fear, afraid to start. Afraid of strong emotional UPS. To me not covered on stage. And then all the media will find out who is to blame that something on the stage of the happened. Still don’t work well with the right hand and right leg, he is concerned about points to the knee. And the voice, unfortunately, has not recovered fully.

— What we will hear in the speech?

— The concert was conceived and planned before happened to me sore. And of course, the expectation of the concert helped me in the fight. But with the help of my friends. Basically they will sing my songs. Come, Katya Semenova, cellist Viktor kozodov, Valery Sturov, guitarist, arranger Oleg Zavialov. I’ll be performing the songs that small in range, and I put them in the tessitura.

— You feel that you are competing with new artists and musical genres?

— There was no competition. Nobody works like I do. How to relate to modern trends in music? For example, take the rap. This is a genre we have not incurred, and brought to us. In General, me it is not hooked.

— Now the musicians are harder to break?

— Every time has its own difficulties. Earlier there was problem to record music on any media. Now they became so numerous that they can be lost. My concerts also spread to the Internet. We assume that this is my charity. If you’re an individual, you have a chance to declare itself. If not, it is better not to suffer. To be a footballer is much more prestigious.

Your son followed in your footsteps and become the leader of the group.

He’s stopped making music. More than a movie. Getting a second education in the Studio of Khotinenko.

— You worked in many teams. Where it was especially interesting?

— Each in its own way. Everywhere you can find new elements. Some qualities that for me was then very important, I saw Alla Pugacheva. She knew how to listen and thoughtfully treated material.

— The Ukrainian authorities to include you in the “black list”. How do you feel about that?

— In the spring I banned entry to Ukraine. I love a Ukrainian audience. But not everything is in my power. So I will suffer and wait, when I become a desirable person.

With the appearance of the artist in the hall of audience applause did not immediately cease. Vyacheslav Efimovich up on stage, leaning on the arm of his wife. Taking an acoustic guitar, the performer is confident and somewhat majestic performs one of his hits. Hall picks up a familiar tune and adopted in accordance with the rhythm of the song to clap and cheer the artist. In this upbeat atmosphere, the concert lasts to the final and ends with the real applause.

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