“Medvedev announced the beginning of broadcasting in China of the TV channel “Katyusha”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced the launch of a Russian TV station for Chinese viewers, which was called “Katyusha”.

About the beginning of the Russian TV channel in China, Medvedev mentioned, answering the question of what a Russian song he would recommend to the Chinese.

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“I think that getting to know Russia you need to start with those songs which are widely known. I mentioned Katyusha – a song (…). By the way, “Katyusha” is called and a new channel, which begins broadcasting for Chinese audiences. Invite all to watch this channel, which received the same name. Let’s watch this channel and let’s sing “Katyusha”, – said Medvedev, answering questions of Chinese Internet users.

The agreement on the launch of the first Russian TV channel “Katyusha” for China was signed in early July between “the First channel” and the Central television of China. It is planned that broadcasting in “the Katyusha” will go on the Russian language, but with Chinese subtitles.

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