“Minority “Rusmolco” accused the head of PSB Ananiev fraud

Police checks, a procedural decision has not been made yet

Entrepreneur Dmitry Anniepoo: TASS, Alexander Nikolaev

– Moscow police conducts pre-investigation checks against the Chairman of the Board of Promsvyazbank, Dmitry Ananyev after the statement of the minority shareholder of the company “Rusmoloko” Valery License of fraud and deliberate bankruptcy of the company, have informed “Interfax” a source familiar with the situation.

“Check against Ananyev and others held by the Department of Bepips of the Department of internal Affairs on East administrative district of Moscow since the beginning of October on allegations of fraud, deliberate bankruptcy and the “raider seizure” of the company “Rusmoloko”, filed by Licensor. Procedural decisions not yet made,” he said.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the businessman accuses Anan’eva that he organized a fraudulent scheme and artificial bankruptcy of a major producer of milk, brought License from the founders, “thereby depriving him of his share, estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles”.

Galicians turned to law enforcement after the decision of Arbitration court of Moscow insolvency (bankruptcy) of the company. The owner “insists on excitation of criminal case of fraud and wants to bring the perpetrators to justice and to return the illegally taken material resources”. According to License, this case also involved the Bank executives and CEO “Rusmolco” Alexei Ledenev.

According to the businessman, Ledenev and the number of employees of the Bank allegedly orchestrated a “mirror” structure of the company “Rusmoloko”, which has issued a contract a loan in the amount of about 500 million rubles “PSB”, bought all the material and physical assets from the old company and transferred to his employees. As a result, “Rusmoloko” remained without any tangible assets.

“Interfax” does not yet have official comment of law enforcement bodies. The press service of the PSB, “Interfax” reported that the Bank was a creditor of the company and “in this case we are talking about a dispute within the company”. “Use the name of the shareholder and Bank statement – a clear attempt to manipulate public opinion”, – said the representative of the Bank.

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