Murder after the assassination: shot Aminu Okueva

Amina Okueva, who was shot yesterday in the car, stopped at a railway crossing in Glevakha, Kyiv region, went to a meeting with MP Mosiychuk. As you know, the radical Mosiychuk himself six days ago was the victim of an assassination attempt. Okueva was his assistant. As follows from their texting on Sunday, she expressed the wish to visit a “boss” in the hospital and announced that it will be able to do it on Monday. Mosiychuk was admitted said that he would be happy to see her. On the way to Kiev Amines AquaWay the car, at the wheel which there was her husband, Adam Osmaev, was fired. And were aiming it at the passenger car…

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The car apparently waiting. As has found out a consequence, an attempt was two. A killer with a gun sitting in wait in the bushes near the crossing, waiting for the second car at the turn, and when it appeared, gave the signal…Okueva got six bullets in her companion — Chechen Osmayev one. And that — in the leg. Clearly, he was not the target of the killers. After all, they had the opportunity to shoot him. But did not do this. So the standard version, which has already hastened to declare the adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko – “Russian trace” but rather, “the revenge of Ramzan Kadyrov,” – this time, quite a “not communicating”. If to the Chechen Kadyrov and Osmayev could be some scores, the inhabitant of Odessa Natalya Nikiforova (aka Amina Okueva) could hardly be of interest to someone outside the “square”.

Though Osman himself hastened to announce that the murder of Amines associated with the June attempt on his life. Recall, June 1, Ukraine has stirred up the news: fighting couple Osman-Okueva survived an assassination attempt, but was able to provide decent resistance to the killer. The result is riddled with bullets “extremist”, as a journalist for French newspaper Le Mondе with the documents of the citizen of Ukraine in the name of Dakar Alexander Manusovich, agreeing with the couple for an interview, ostensibly in the time of the meeting and tried to shoot Osmayev from Glock.

But, apparently, the killer was very very unprofessional, because the distance of the meter could not cause Osmayev any significant damage, but he was shot. And the bullets it produced not only Amina Okueva, but as it turned out, and Sam Osman. So, for someone who tried to kill in that situation — the big question. The wounded were detained. There is information that he is not a journalist, and the “elite killer” — Arthur Denislav-Kurmakaev nicknamed “Dingo”, a native of the city of Gudermes. And allegedly sent him personally to Ramzan Kadyrov. However, according to knowledgeable people, Denislav — simple “fixer” who can find the right people and bring them together. With AquaWay and Osmayev he had a “business meeting”, which turned into a scandal. And combat family decided to just shoot a “client”.

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“Live from the murder scene Amines AquaWay: investigators speak of “the ordering””


The result then was not able to detect in the “Russian trace”. And then “killer” miraculously turned into this matter in the victim, since there was a police witness who saw with his own eyes, like a couple shot and lying on the ground Denicotea. ..

So, if the current murder of AquaWay is a continuation of “attempt”, it is rather the revenge of associates Denicotea. But then again, next to Amina would lie and Adam.

Therefore, in this case it is more to do with the assassination attempt on the Chairman. As reported by Ukrainian media friends Amina, she recently was careful and tried not to pick up the phone when she got a call from an unknown number. The only one she communicated directly was Mosiychuk. If his phone was bugged, something about the upcoming visit of Amines could see him. Now tell me, what are “Russian terrorists”” can be put to wiretap the phone of a Ukrainian MP. And why? Who Mosiychuk and Amina Okueva for Russia? Tethered radicals, which is now in Ukraine more than people?

Some Ukrainian media have linked the assassination attempt on the Chairman with some business showdown in Odessa. Allegedly the people’s Deputy got there in complicated schemes with real estate. Amina — the inhabitant of Odessa, and quite able to help him. In General, another high-profile murder only indicates that among the Ukrainian radicals started internecine showdown, from which ordinary citizens better off.

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