Near Kiev wounded a suspect in the assassination attempt on Putin Adam Osmayev

At a railway crossing near the village of glevaha in Kyiv region fired at the car in which were Adam Osmayev and his wife Amina Okueva, reported on Monday evening an adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko. Man is wounded, but not mortally. His wife Amina Okueva died.

Gerashchenko in Facebook told me that she had spoken to Osmaev on the phone. It is known that the fire on the car opened out of the bushes. On-site work by the police.

“I offer my condolences to the families and friends of Amines. The best memory of her will be a fair retribution to all those who were involved in this terrible murder,” wrote Gerashchenko.

Osman appeared in the press as a suspect in the assassination of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He was released after Odessa court cleared him of accusations of terrorism

In June 2017 for Osmayev, was assassinated. Amina Okueva was rescued by her husband, wounding the killer. Read about it:

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and “Riddles “Chechen issue” in Kiev: Virago Amina Okueva was a Ukrainian”

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