Osman announced the details of the execution of his car near Kiev

Adam Osman, the commander of the battalion “named after Dudaev” during military operations in the Donbass, said the details of the emergency with the shooting of a private car near the village of glevaha, near Kiev, which killed his wife Amina Okueva, according to “Star”.

Journalists managed to talk with victims Osmaev right in the hospital, where he was taken after the assassination.

“We were returning home. I was driving, she was sitting next to. When we passed by the railway crossing, the car opened fire unknown… I understand about the shooting when things started to fly around me, the instrument panel, all… One of the bullets hit the amine in the head. As I could I passed because, apparently, the engine also came and the car stopped,” said Osman.

“Tried to give first aid to his wife, but… I couldn’t do anything. She was hit in the head,” he added.

The battalion commander of the ATO also has a number of small wounds.

According to Osmayev, this was an assassination attempt on him and Aminu Okueva. Moreover, the commander of the ATO is confident that the attack runs the “Russian trace”.

“Today’s attack is a continuation of the attempt that was me in June… It’s the same,” said Osman.

Recall that Adam Osman has received wide popularity after has been accused of the assassination of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. But after removal by court of the city of Odessa with him of accusations of terrorism, Osman was released.

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