“Pujdeme will not seek asylum in Belgium

The former head of the government of Catalonia said that he came to Brussels for the sake of freedom and security

The former head of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme before the press conference in Brusletto: Reuters

– The former chief Executive of Catalonia, Carles Putteman said it has no plans to ask Belgium to grant him political asylum.

“I’m not here to seek political refuge,” he said at a press conference in Brussels.

Pujdeme explained that he came to Brussels, “because it is the capital of Europe” because in this city it can “act in greater freedom and security.”

In addition, he said, the Spanish government last week, wanted to use force against supporters of independence.

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“I recall that both before and after the October referendum, we called for dialogue,” recalled Putteman, assuring that Catalan officials was not forced to take any side in the dispute with Madrid.

Earlier it was reported that some members of the Generalitat de Catalunya, despite the dismissal of Madrid, came to their jobs and posted pictures of proof.

Spain was in political crisis after the autonomy referendum on independence, which was recognized as the official Madrid illegal. More than 90% of voters supported the independence of Catalonia. According to the organizers, the site came about 43% of the voting rights.

After that, the regional Parliament was dissolved and Pujdeme dismissed.

In Catalonia held several rallies in support of independence and against secession.

The Spanish government sacked the regional government of Catalonia and dissolved the Catalan Parliament, taking over the management of Autonomous community. It is planned that the management of the Catalonia from Madrid will run until the December elections in this Autonomous community.

“We are not afraid of this challenge, we agree to participate in the elections”, – commented on the announced election Pujdeme

According to him Pokdemon, this vote will allow him and his supporters to defend their political beliefs.

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