“Russia has risen from 40th to 35th place in the annual ranking of Doing Business

This was announced by the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin

Photo: TASS, Egor Aleev

– Aim to enter the top twenty countries in the world Bank’s Doing Business in 2018, laid out in the may decrees of the President 2012, persists, moreover, in the future, the challenge is to approach the top 10, but this requires a breakthrough, primarily in the construction industry and customs procedures, told journalists the Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin.

In a new ranking of the world Bank, published on Tuesday, Russia has occupied 35-e a place, compared with 40th place a year ago.

“The world Bank has published today the Doing Business ranking-2018 year-end 2017. The main change – Russia rose from 40th to 35th place on the results of the reforms that were undertaken in the last year and a half. It is important to understand that we have now entered the zone where competition between countries increased. Movement, for example, with the 100-th to 50-th position in this respect was much easier. Now our neighbours and direct competitors in the ranking are countries such as France, Holland, Switzerland, Japan. Understood that these countries are also actively improve the conditions for doing business, trying to move forward, so forward we need to be better than they are. Russia shows one of the best speaker for the last 6 years, on many of the elements we included in top 30 countries”, – said the Minister, commenting on the new edition of Doing Business.

According to him, a number of reforms that have already been made, is not taken into account, “plus we will think how to use new digital technologies to make a qualitative leap”.

“Indeed, there are a number of reforms, which were not reflected in the statistics and the rankings, and we hope that just the rating, which will be published next year, these reforms will be considered and will allow us to significantly move up. The goal is to get into the top twenty (in 2018 – if) remains. Will work actively in the next 6-9 months on the implementation of additional reforms that would achieve this goal. Goal is not easy. Other countries are not standing still. With the current performance, if all countries remained at the level at which they were 5-6 years ago, we would have already have been somewhere around the 20th place”, – said the Minister of the next government’s actions to improve.

The Oreshkin stressed that “the two measures we remain extremely weak and, in fact, by and large, unacceptably weak is the situation with construction permits where we are in 115th place (like a year ago), and international trade, where we occupy a 100-th position (height from 140-th position a year ago)”.

“Accordingly, while so far at least one indicator, it is difficult to expect that overall we’ll be in the top twenty. This does not mean that we will work only on these indicators, in other areas, too, will try to move forward. The goal is for all indicators to enter the top twenty to be not just at 20th place, and closer to the tenth place. But these two areas and the gap in them is the key issue why we are at this place,” – said the Minister.

M. Oreshkin said that Russia for a year managed to move 40 positions according to the criterion “international trade” – “the trend has been positive, but still a position which we occupy, we are not satisfied”.

Commenting on the deterioration of the position of the Russian Federation in the section “Taxation” – to 52-with 45th a year earlier, the Minister in particular noted that the draft law is the codification of non-tax payments. “It is very important from the point of view of predictability of the business – not to have surprises not only on the basic tax rates but also on non-tax payments. We assert that principles were approved, as such payments are introduced as changes, their frequency, and so on. That is, enter them in the same mode as introduced in tax payments and, in General, to consider the overall tax burden taking into account including non-tax payments”, – he said.

Oreshkin also stressed that the ultimate goal “is, of course, not the position in the ranking, the goal is the growth of investment activity from small and medium-sized enterprises, is growing in all regions and in the whole country.”

According to his Minister of economic development, next year will need to focus on four areas: continue active implementation of best practices for doing business in the Russian regions, the use of new digital technologies in treatment procedures, including in the field of building permits, the reform of control and supervision (in the near future, according to him, the state Duma is introduced the bill, allowing to pass from the principle of punishment to the precautionary principle), creating a comfortable environment for the development of human competencies.

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