“Russian Booker” younger: named the shortlist of contenders for the award

Our literary classic has conquered the world. Sir Michael Caine is involved in the “British Booker” and you love Russian classics, in 1992, he planned to transplant the English award on the Russian soil, confident that his concerns and hopes most read genre is updated, will rise up and will captivate the reader. The soul of sir Michael Caine is already in heaven. And Russian literature, ignited a freedom-loving fire of hope, is updated and promises to captivate the reader. A growing number of people writing novels.

For the contest “Russian Booker” this year received 70 works, recommended publishers, magazines and other organizations… of Course, this whole thread is not all together attributed to the literature. And still, the number of quality things we find encouraging. The jury chose to your taste 6 pieces and left behind a few distinctive and interesting works.

On a press-conferences in hotel “the Golden ring” the Chairman of the jury writer Peter Aleshkovsky read a short list. Obviously, colleagues have approved it. Jury members — Alex Purine (Petersburg), Artem Skvortsov (Kazan), Alexander Snegirev, winner of “Russian Booker” in 2015, and Marina Osipova, Director of the regional library (Penza).

So, for the title of winner of the fight six novels: Gigolashvili Michael “the Secret year”; Malyshev, Igor “by Prefectures. Sparks large fire”; Medvedev Vladimir “ZAHHAK”; Melikhov, Alexander “a Date with Quasimodo”; Nikolaenko Alexander “Kill Barykina. The story of a murder”; Novikov, Dmitry “Golomyanka flame”.

The winner will receive 1 million 500 thousand rubles, the other finalists for 50 thousand.

“Student Booker” requirements for their novels. They have updated the concept of the beautiful and ideal. Access to the Internet “Student Booker” competition makes the national. Our youth is beginning with enthusiasm to read and convincingly defend their tastes in the evaluation of new works.

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