Scientists have discovered how the woman can provide herself orgasm

Women engaged in Masturbation during sex with a man, have a much greater chance to orgasm than those who additional stimulation during intercourse. To such conclusion the American experts from Emory University, Indiana University and the University of Pennsylvania.


In the study, researchers interviewed more than three thousand people, including 1 569 1 men and 478 women. Participants were asked how often they get an orgasm during sex and how satisfied they were with their sex lives overall, and asked to provide a few details on sexual outs with their participation. First and foremost, experts wondered if women often resorted to self-satisfaction during sex with a partner and how much this affects they are experiencing sensations.

As it turned out, “vaginal intercourse with additional clitoral stimulation” often enabled women to experience orgasm. Thus experts pay attention that in the course of other studies on female orgasm, scientists often did not specify whether the additional stimulation in the concept of “vaginal intercourse”, which different women were able to perceive the issue differently, which influenced the objectivity of obtained results. Thus, a new job, according to its authors, allows to obtain a more accurate picture of what conditions are necessary for many women to get satisfaction from your sex life.

The study was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Recently, another group of experts came to the conclusion that women often resort to Masturbation it is in order to “Supplement” the sexual act, while men perceive it more as a measure which may be resorted to in the absence of a sexual partner.

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