“Shot by the police in Tallinn was the brother of one of the richest men in Estonia

– Shot dead on Tuesday in the centre of Tallinn, the man was a brother of one of the richest men in Estonia. Man, waving his knife at Vabaduse square and was shot by the police, called Jaanus Kaarmann. He was the brother of co-founder and current head of the company Transferwise Kristo Kaarmann, which is considered one of the richest businessmen of Estonia, told the newspaper Postimees.

The publication notes that of the last publication of Janus in social networks we can conclude that he saw conspiracies. “The US can track your every move using satellites and microwave radiation, wifi, and lighting,” wrote Kaarmann in his Facebook on Monday at 00:56.

As reported, in Estonia the alarm Centre at 11.10 has received a signal that in Tallinn the city centre moves a man razmahival two knives. As reported by the press service of the Department of police and border guards, on the orders of the police officer he did not respond. A policeman fired a warning shot into the air, then opened fire.

The man received severe injuries and died around 12.00 in the hospital. The surrounding people and police officers were not injured.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Estonia, Andres Anvelt, called the police action is correct. “Police acted in connection with this incident today in Liberty square very quickly, and the threat was quickly eliminated. Now we can say that we are talking about an individual case, and various radicals are excluded. The exact circumstances and background of the incident the investigation will find out and will be reported to the public,” reported the press service of the interior Minister’s words.

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