SK not found the secret prison of the FSB in Moscow

The investigative Committee refused to initiate a criminal case on the complaint of the accused in the preparation of the explosion in the subway of Saint-Petersburg brothers Asimovich: they recall reported used him to torture in a secret prison near Moscow, the FSB.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Writes Republic, referring to the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case, the decision was made by the officer of the 51st military investigatory Department SK of the major of justice Dmitry Pereverzev.

His actions were based, however, on the poll only one person — captain of the service for Constitution protection and fight against terrorism of FSB Pavel Titov.

Lawyer Dmitry Dinze in this regard, considered the inspection to be purely formal.

“During the detention of citizens Asimovich — said Titov in conversation with the investigator, — I said to him no physical violence, threats to the latter and their relatives, no electric shock and other illegal acts did not commit, to give false testimony was not inclined to make any confession not coerced, any items, including weapons, not tossed in any premises not brought, the freedom was not limited, actions to be punished, not made”.

Recall that the brothers Asimov talked about this kind of torture and coercion, in addition to them, similar to the testimony given and the other defendants in terrorism, Islam and Hamroev Mansur Edilbaev convicted of the attempted terrorist attack in the “Peregrine” in June 2011, and Yusup Temerkhanov that killed Yuri Budanov.

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