State Duma Deputy Yelena Yampolskaya: again about “Matilda”

Suffering tape of Alexey Uchitel was released. This did not prevent opponents collected signatures “against”, or artisanal “answers to Chamberlain”, posted on the web or sluggish slander against the Director, which his lawyer also goes without much enthusiasm. Cinemas, tossing between the threat of disturbance and temptation almost a guaranteed profit, most chose to take the risk. However, profit is not too large. The Teacher says: the reason the TV channels. In other circumstances, do not disdain any vulgarity, they refused to film in advertising.


One of the deputies of the state Duma insisted, as you know, bogokhulsky and the harmfulness of “Matilda”, but the other announced film is highly artistic, historical, conciliating, and even complimentary to the figure of the last Russian Emperor. Both positions, in my personal opinion, do not correlate with reality.

Aside from the discussion there is not a single more or less significant officials. One of the deputies of the state Duma insisted on bogholderi and the harmfulness of “Matilda”, but the other announced film is highly artistic, historical, conciliating, and even complimentary to the figure of the last Russian Emperor. Both positions, in my personal opinion, do not correlate with reality.

In strife around the “Matilda” aggressively and irresponsibly tried to involve the Church. Irresponsible, because she was taken by fighters tone implied a number of terribly losing stories from the critique of the Soviet project to anti-Semitism. Subscribe to this package solved most of those priests who are not afraid of marginality. Sensible representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church adopted a little offended neutrality, but their hint was immediately picked up and were built almost to the rank of the ultimatum. Otherwise speculation as to consider it impossible. It is clear that a priest — even smart, thin, with a diploma — a weak judge in matters of secular art. Moreover, the better he is the priest, the less competent in this field. No monks don’t have to like Nude girly Breasts on screen.

Against the leader of the so-called “Christian state” the power to choose the optimum of all in principle available to the government, showed that it is. Kalinin was arrested. He’s probably already shaved or is about to shave the beard. But again the question is from a joke: a thought-where to go? Those thoughts, which, thank God, seldom lead to arson, but quarreled a lot of people, and therefore, can not be ignored. We stopped receiving messages “on the day of judgement will answer!”, nevertheless, I know a lot of people over the past months ceased to communicate, and sometimes shake: the watershed was “Matilda”.

Now a new picture of the Teacher is protected against radicals, the criminal charges fell apart, the largest cinema chain operators returned the title to Billboard, closed and semi-closed preshow was already covered by a solid audience in the country premiere screenings, there were the first reviews (unlikely, however, to affect the box office), so in that sense more silent not. In my opinion, “Matilda” is a creature designed for teenage promiscuity to teenage motivation and disregard for the facts; showy appearance, the inside is hollow love story, with the storyline going the tedious “Shuttle,” as in the story of the crane and the Heron; the cranberry syrup, a set of dreams and fantasies, sometimes calling an adult audience aback. With the events of 120 years ago, that is literally the day before, treated as freely as though all the documents were burned in the stove. In short, “Matilda” is not light to get into the story, if it is not managed in the history of the plunge.

Every artist has a right to creative failure. Alexei Uchitel not to blame: he was not warned that the standard rules of the cinematic game in some cases canceled. “Matilda” no better and no worse than most Russian films of the modern era, and there is no reason to separate it from the screen. I had previously thought.

In fact, here lies the key problem. If the creation of a “Matilda” was an act of conscious, somebody, of course, would take responsibility for its output. That is publicly and clearly said: Yes, we supported the Teacher — in production, in distribution, we believe it is right that the film needed, want to execute — execute together…

Not seen anything like it. Thomas nods to Erema, Erema throws back. They should have thought before. But they had not thought of.

The humanitarian sphere in our country koordiniruyutsya so sketchy and haphazard, as if we all deny our fellow citizens the presence of the soul in the religious and in the everyday sense of the word. There must be somewhere a think tank, which a few years ago I would have attended it, than we approach the centenary of the revolution. They will get “red”, “white”, “monarchists”, what are the expectations of different strata of society what are the main risks and how to prevent them.

Recently we have become fashionable to talk about empathy, implying her ability to weep when another weeps. In fact, this quality is much more valuable in the state field than in everyday life. Empathy — the ability to scan someone else’s emotional state and the time to subject it to the adjustment. Today wins the most empathic in the yard — who steers the sentiment that drives society.

As analysis and planning in the humanitarian sphere is not, we are approaching the November 2017 with full meter about the weak, restless Prince and a couple of telepromter about implicit and behind the scenes geniuses of October. One of the series — “the Demon of the revolution” by Vladimir Khotinenko — promises to become a genuine artistic event. Judging by the materials that I was lucky enough to see, it is very Russian in spirit to the movie that is the movie where the Director is alive and passionately involved in their heroes. And Vladimir Lenin and even Alexander Parvus (unknown demon), illustrated with lively interest, will always be more attractive than a Palace of glamour, shot with a cold nose. Well, you see: what are the distortions in the run-up to such a controversial anniversary?

Even Joseph Brodsky was warned that life will swing to the right at the same time change the left. Right riot was long overdue and just waiting for things to flash. A reason just gave. We are not talking about the surge of national consciousness. The scale of Russia Nikolai Romanov was not, is not and hardly ever will be a popular character, regardless of canonization. You can be upset about this, and we know decent people who are experiencing this kind of grief. You can consider this manifestation of the Supreme justice. But to challenge this fact is to live with illusions. And whosoever liveth illusions — if he believed in the restoration of the monarchy or the revival of the Soviet Union dear guest on various talk shows, but for the life of the advice is bad.

All that is being done by fans of the Tsar-Martyr (mean — all fall in the media), works against him. Even if not to take into account the hooligan extremes. Russian people do not like when the small issues are resolved through the Prosecutor’s office. Russian people skeptical looks at posters with slogans such as “Repent!” because he could count on repentance. For the Russian person does not matter whether Nicholas II flawless sacrificial husband and father: in our view the President should have a father in the first place the country. And all the subjects (or citizens) to consider as his own family. An ideal husband at the helm in Russia it is not listed, for it always ends badly. In the extreme (God forbid — last) time in our memory. Once again, the Empire collapsed, Soviet.

“Matilda” was faced not with the will of the people, and the consequences of a global spiritual Emptiness. Emptiness without Chapaeva, without a king, without inspiration, uniting meanings and unquestionable values. Please note: disputes about art now automatically flow into a conversation about money. “Oh, something we shouldn’t feed them”, — cards in the heads of the people, having heard about the latest scandal. Well even if it leaves a loophole for hope: “Let the favor bring.” However, as soon as the culture can sometimes be something good, no one remembers the issue price. Hence: the cost of culture should be not big and not small, and justified. People expect the culture of savings, and peace of comfort. Talent — the most subtle and effective tool of harmonization of public relations, improvement of the individual and society. It should be kept sharpened, carefully oiled, in a velvet sheath. If the tool dulled, rusted, obsolete or banal, we do not know how to use it, what’s the point to discuss the need to replace a velvet sheath on a cloth — or no sheath?

Lack of systematic work in the humanitarian field leads to the fact that major victory, a major event, do not find worthy reflection in art and stop fast enough to serve as incentives nationwide inspiration. Preparing for significant dates being biased, thoughtless, or simply carelessly, hence unfortunate incidents like the scandal around the “Matilda”. The values declared by the President, the leaders of public opinion, in contradiction with the information policy, consumer culture, and educational programs. Projects that consumed enormous funds, tickle the audience nerves, however, add nothing neither to mind nor heart.

Patriotic summons, filled with essential, given, as we see, at the mercy of uneducated fanatics. To prevent this, otherwise we risk discrediting the Patriotic ideas in General. But, if you think strategically, it is equally important to hold sincere, passionate, caring people from becoming fanatics. The mandatory function of the state — with drive. They need high goals, difficult tasks, a sense of belonging, they need an education and the education of the mind — and this is a direct mission in the humanitarian sphere.

Ordinary people who formed the majority in a recent opinion poll, those who are indifferent and self-actualization, and creativity, and even, a career, and needs only a stable income, reliable public transportation and a Playground in walking distance, people who, like the hero Dragoon, turning in a circle “the cottage, Staropramen, rebeecca” prevail in any nation — as the inertial platform, damping. However, they do not move the nation forward. They do not, and those of their children who are rebelling and imagination, eager beyond your personal comfort zone.

What channels to use his energy to find younger today with drive — question true state. While the channels tight. “Matilda”, which cost not, of course, have such passion, to feel it fully.

Elena YAMPOLSKAYA, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Based on the materials of mass media “Culture Portal”

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