“The British defense Minister has apologized for misconduct against journalist

– British defense Secretary Michael Fallon apologized for his behaviour towards the journalist Julia Hartley-brewer that he, as a member of Parliament, repeatedly touched the knee during the Conservative party conference in 2002. As The Guardian reports, Fallon became the first member of the Cabinet whose name was announced in connection with the flaring in Westminster scandal over the alleged harassment.

According to The Daily Mail, in the list of political figures who were seen in the sexual assault and misconduct are two of the current Ministers. The Guardian, in turn, noted that the list of the 37 MPs from the Conservative party.

It is reported that Fallon and Hartley-brewer are friends, and, according to his close friend, the Minister acknowledged that crossed the line and apologized 15 years ago.

The controversial “naming and shaming” list, which was available to British media, presumably, was composed of regular employees of the Parliament. The names of the deputies not yet announced in the published document, leaving only comments about the conduct of parliamentarians. In particular, such features as “handsy”, “paying women for silence”, “offered co-worker to do strange things”, “always drunk and behaving inappropriately with women”, “stick to the men and drinks a lot” and others.

She Hartley-brewer said he did not consider what happened in 2002, sexual harassment and does not intend to call himself a victim. She recalled that 20 years has covered the work of Parliament, and, to her knowledge, real-life cases of sexual assault affect a small number of parliamentarians, and representing different parties.

“He put his hand on my knee at dinner during the party conference. I politely and calmly explained that if he does it one more time, will get in the face. He took his hand away, since we have never had a problem. I believe the incident nothing more than a funny incident,” said the journalist, earlier, without mentioning at that time the name Fallon.

A scandal involving the harassment erupted amid revelations Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, Director James Tabaka, actor Kevin spacey accused of harassment and misconduct.

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