“The FAS has offered to reduce tariffs in the reserved seat for 10%

– The Federal Antimonopoly service has proposed to decrease by 10%, railway tariffs for long distance passenger transport in reserved seats and General carriages, told reporters Deputy head of Department Alexander Redko.

The relevant question, he said, was discussed at the Board meeting of the Ministry on Tuesday. The proposal of the regulator, the official explained, “the creation of economic incentives for the population”. “Raise prices according to cost logic, it is wrong. It is necessary to focus on the state of competition and income. Carriers reduce by 10% the cost of their transportation and all customers of the Railways is spent on aviation.”

At the same time, JSC “Federal passenger company” (FPC, “daughter” of Russian Railways, is engaged in transportations in trains of distant following) calculates the index regulated tariffs in 2018 of 3.9%, said Redko. And this despite the fact that FPK decreases ridership (the”8.5% is already decreased”), the official said. “Capacity “Victory” – 94%, in the reserved seat FPC – 74% cars – less than 50%. Here is the reserve, trains run half-empty. What is the meaning to raise the price of half-empty trains? It is necessary to solve the problem of the quality of rolling stock”, – he stressed.

“However, the Ministry of transport and Ministry of economic development opposed the initiative. The discussion was postponed to meeting the government”, – said Alexander Redko. Meanwhile, he said, “only after decisions on the tariffs for passenger transportation” will be formed the position of the Antimonopoly authority on the question of freight rates. “The FAS has received the position of Railways on the need for indexing (last – if), by 6%,” – said the official.

Earlier it was reported that the monopoly had asked the office to increase rates by 4% for all types of cargoes except oil, and 2% to raise the base rate to offset the impact of certain regulatory decisions. At the same time, as reported on Tuesday Redko, the Antimonopoly service believes that it is possible to index the rates to the oil transportation “as all goods without exceptions”. “At this point discounts up to 50% are possible for specific projects in the oil industry, as for example, fertilisers and metals. We made this proposal in the draft resolution of the government”, – said the official.

“Finally talk about the indexation of freight rate of the Railways, including on 2018, it will be possible after the issue is resolved with the availability of rolling stock for suburban and long-railway communication – who and what will carry passengers. The decision is directly related to the freight tariff,” said Redko. According to the FAS, in 2017, out of 2.3 million cars, while purchased only 676.

The regulator considers that the “Federal passenger company” you should upgrade rolling stock and to reduce ticket prices for passengers – “only for passenger transport it will be possible to leave in plus. As a source for optimizing the controller sees the non-core income and reducing costs.

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