“The Flemish nationalists rejected any involvement in the possible arrival Pokdemon in Belgium

– The nationalist party “New Flemish Alliance” (N-VA) refute transferred to the Monday messages the Spanish and Belgian media that the former head of the Generalitat de Catalunya Carles Pujdeme arrived in Brussels, allegedly at her invitation.

“If Pujdeme in Brussels, it is definitely not at the invitation of the N-VA”, – quotes the website of the newspaper La Libre Belgique the words of the official representative of the party Joachim Pohlmann.

The newspaper notes that the administration of the Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel refused any comment to the situation around the alleged arrival Pokdemon in Brussels.

La Libre Belgique writes, citing Spanish sources, Putteman with a group of advisers allegedly arrived from Barcelona to Marseille by car, where took a plane to Brussels.

“Accompanied by his counselors, he (Lucdeme) now supposedly is in a “secluded and safe place” in the capital (Belgium) and needs to play on Tuesday, sources have confirmed Generalitat in Catalonia the Catalan state television TV3,” – said in turn earlier Monday, the website of the TV channel RTBF.

In the publications of other Belgian media refers to Spanish, the arrival of shifted Catalan leader to Brussels contacted his hypothetical intention to seek asylum in Belgium.

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