The girl received an electric shock from the washing machine, sitting on the toilet

The shock, sitting on the toilet, was an eight-year resident of carefree Boulevard, which with one hand accidentally touched the housing of the washing machine and the other to the towel bar on the evening of 30 October. The girl was hospitalized in the cardiology Department of the hospital.


As it became known “MK”, around 19.00, the second form went to the toilet, where on the one hand from the toilet, the washing machine, and the other a metal towel rack. At that moment the washing machine was not working, but was plugged in.

— We heard screams from the restroom, rushed there, later told the girl’s father of human rights defenders. — The girl could not stop: it turned out that the current went in one hand and out the other.

Parents were able to save my daughter, after what they called the medics. In the hands of the second traces the impact of current — redness, and even small bubbles. The doctors decided to take her to the hospital. The patient was placed in the cardiology Department to observe the work of the heart. The girl still has pains in his hands. Releasing her after about 2-3 days.

Family, where it grows Muscovite, prosperous. The older two children are College students. Now the head of the family intends to call the expert to check the technical condition of the machine (it was bought three years ago). Meanwhile, according to electricians, the problem lies in the fact that the machine was not grounded, that is, the outlet that provided the device, was without any special wire for grounding (it should be connected to the switchboard). In modern houses all the outlets, the so-called Euro are grounded. And if the old outlet, any appliance can electrocute, as it accumulates static electricity.

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