“The lawyer of Manafort said the lack of evidence against his client

Is ridiculous called the charges against the former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump Paul Manafort his lawyer Kevin Downing.

In the world30 Oct 2017В United States has indicted Manafort at “Russian business”Read more

“I think you’ve all seen today the words of Donald trump was right. Evidence that Manafort was in cahoots with the Russian government,” said Downing journalists on Monday, noting that the charges against Manafort relating to his lobbying, “ridiculous”.

Earlier on Monday against Manafort and his business partner Rick gates was charged with the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the possible intervention of Russia in elections in 2016. The charges do not directly affect the alleged links of ex-associates trump with Russia, but gates and Manafort charged with money laundering and conspiring against U.S. interests in cooperation with the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his “Party of regions”.

Investigators believe that Manafort with the complicity of the gates, “washed” more than $18 million from their offshore accounts.

Both defendants placed under house arrest.

Manafort and gates became the first accused in the investigation of Muller.

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