The Network posted a map showing prospective areas for treasure hunting

As you know, on our “ball” a lot of nooks and crannies where someone once hid (or left at will of the unfortunate coincidence) gold-silver-jewelry. Some of these “caches” were subsequently discovered, but a fair amount still remains a draw, waiting for the lucky ones who will be able to reach them. Here for such fortune seekers and designed a new map.


Apparently, its drafters tried to take into account preserved in old papers for information about pirate and plundering the hoards of the death ships carrying precious cargo…

Among the marked points, for example, Port Royal in the island of Jamaica. Once, 300-400 years ago, it was a real “pirate capital”, “the richest city in the world.” – Because the local Harbor was a “port” of many pirate ships, observably in search of prey busy sea routes in the Caribbean sea. Researchers believe that a powerful earthquake in 1692, have turned many of pirate caches in underwater storage, since a large part of the city then went under water.

Another “area of attraction treasure hunters” – Norman island, part of the British virgin Islands. Allegedly, he was the prototype of the famous “Ostrova treasures” described in the novel of Stevenson.

And again, “object island” – oak island in the archipelago off the coast of Nova Scotia. For the past several centuries the imagination of adventurers from different countries excite stories about the countless treasures hidden here by someone from the famous pirate William Kidd or Edward Teach, nicknamed “Blackbeard”. The search for these riches has been going on for two centuries. But while the luck is slow to smile, at least one of the search engines.

Tons of gold still hidden in the Philippines. At the end of the Second world war, Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita, nicknamed “Malayan tiger”, who commanded the troops of the Mikado in the Philippines, hid in one of the Islands of the vast treasure collected in the course of the military campaign when the Japanese forays into Malaysia, Thailand, Burma… the General Himself was hanged, and not betraying its secrets. To date found only a few of his caches. From a very large “caches”, equipped in a secret tunnel, was recovered more than a thousand tons of gold.

Among the cherished treasure hunters sites and Russian addresses. For example, Semsevo lake in the Smolensk region, where, as many believe, sunk in the treasures of Napoleon, – the treasures, brought his army looted from Moscow.

Still, is it worth it to be seduced by the mystery, it seems to be open to “gold” card? We asked for comments to professional search, founder of the treasure hunters of the office Vladimir Poryvaeva.

– On the one hand, it seems here are quite accurate. Yes, there were pirates in these areas could have a hidden compartment Yes killed ships with valuable cargo that sank here in this part of the ocean… But in fact, this card (and have seen in my practice are not one and not two) more just cause I have an Association with mapping schemes, which often we have been offered in schools on the lessons of natural history: painted, say, a map of Moscow and it is marked conditional figures – there are wild boars, elks, hares, ducks… Probably true. But does not the fact that went to the specified – and very approximately, taking into account the scale and graphical fidelity – you can find there the animal. Maybe it is hidden somewhere right next to you, and, maybe, walks in the forest Bush a few kilometers…

And with the treasures. Of course, the Caribbean is a very promising place in terms of a hidden or sunken gold and diamonds, but where exactly to look for? You can spend a lot of time, a lot of money, but did not even come close to the real coordinates of the treasure. So my advice: if you really want to try their luck in such an exciting business as treasure hunting, take the time first to deal seriously with the specific collection of documentary data.

By the way, while some try to determine the coordinates to search for ancient treasures, organize the whole expedition behind them, others “catch the moment” in a much more prosaic situations: the subject of their interest become a hidden “stash” of citizens.

A notable case occurred not long ago in Primorsky Krai. A 34-year-old man arrived in one of the suburbs of port of Nakhodka to their relatives; among the goals of this “business trip” was tidying up the graves of grandmother. The man went to the cemetery, previously, “taking on his chest”. Perhaps it was the alcohol and gave him a “robber slashing”. – Inconsolable grandson noticed that not far from him on the other the tomb of an elderly man dug up a box with money. It later emerged that the pensioner, for fear of the robbers, decided to keep their savings in a hiding place in the family grave. From time to time he would visit to “cache” and added to the “pods” with new savings for a rainy day and retirement. In total, cemeterial “safe” accumulated about 700 thousand rubles. However, the next campaign at the grave were unsuccessful. A pensioner was attacked noticed him drunk “an admirer of my grandmother’s memory”, and took from it a metal box with money. However, to use them the robber did not have time: he was arrested by the police in hot pursuit. Now the hapless “treasure hunt” threatens till seven years of imprisonment for robbery.

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