“The Pentagon chief made the possibility of a nuclear attack on the DPRK without permission of Congress

– Secretary of defense James Mattis made a plausible scenario in which the us leader Donald trump may dispose of the cause without the consent of Congress pre-emptive nuclear strike as a response to an imminent attack on the US using nuclear weapons.

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“If we see that they (any country – if) getting ready to do it (a nuclear strike – if), and it is inevitable, I can imagine it. This is not the only tool in our Toolkit,” said the defense Minister, responding to a question of a Congressman during a hearing in the Senate Committee on international Affairs Monday.

“But I believe that the control of Congress does not equate to operational control,” Mattis continued, adding that it is necessary to “trust the system that exists” and “prove their effectiveness”.

He stressed that the United States can pre-emptive strike without the permission of Congress only if “unavoidable impact” and “this is the only way to stop him (attack – if)”.

“And I’m not saying that it can happen. There are other means, the traditional means to stop it,” said Mattis.

Earlier, Secretary of state USA Rex Tillerson said, speaking at the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs, said that the U.S. Congress did not give permission for the use of military force against the DPRK.

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