The President has increased the penalty for nepropusk pedestrians on the crossing

The Russian head of state Vladimir Putin signed a law that introduces changes in penalties for drivers who do not miss pedestrians or cyclists. Now for such violation, the motorist will have to pay into the Treasury of 2,5 thousand rubles.


Up to two and a half thousand roubles has increased the fine for motorists, do not miss the on the road pedestrians or cyclists. The relevant law signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Toughening penalties for drivers, the bill had received the approval of the senators. After the signing of the law was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

As follows from the explanation document, the minimum level of the fine remains unchanged and amounts to fifteen hundred rubles.

Previously the maximum punishment under article 12.18 of the Cao (Failure to provide advantage in movement to pedestrians or other road users) were provided in the amount of fifteen thousand rubles.

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