The removal of the Russian skiers from the Olympics-2018: when a decision is made

In Lausanne for 10 hours lasted the meeting of the IOC under the leadership of Denis Oswald involving our distant skiers. The decision had to be made. But it was again postponed. Under threat – the participation of the entire ski team in the Olympic games 2018.

Alexander Legkov.

As reported after the meeting, the President of our Federation Elena Vyalbe, the main opponent of the Commission, insists that the whole team should be disqualified, the results Sochi canceled, to allow skiers to the next Olympic games. However, he also stressed that it’s his point of view, the decision should be taken by the IOC.

In December, the IOC announced that it has opened disciplinary proceedings against 28 Russian participants of the 2014 Games. The Commission Denis Oswald deals with verification of the samples of Russians and the Commission, Samuel Schmid, verifying information about the involvement of the Ministry of sport to the possible concealment of doping violations by the Russian athletes. 23 December 2016 international ski Federation (FIS), on the basis of the report of the independent Commission WADA under the leadership of Richard McLaren was suspended from competition Alexander passenger cars, Evgenia Belova, Alexey Petukhov, Maxim Vylegzhanin, Yevgeny Shapovalov and Yulia Ivanova.

The appeal of the Russians neither in the dis nor in the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) was not successful, and for the world Cup in Lahti, the Russian team went without these athletes. Spring meeting of the CAS, extended the suspension until 31 October 2017. It had to be terminated in the absence of further violations of doping rules by athletes and if there are no published evidence of guilt.

At the meeting in Lausanne (attended all suspended skiers) Oswald should have been given the fruits of the work – that is, to voice any evidence of the guilt of the Russians. Or not to voice, thereby allowing them to compete, not just training.

The decision is still pending. And the situation is again very disturbing. Sam Oswald in a recent letter published by the IOC, said that pending cases are not the usual anti-doping cases. No positive doping tests. “That’s why it was necessary to establish other evidence that can support the results of anti-doping rule violations (including, in particular, counterfeiting) in each case. With this purpose it was necessary to develop and approve a new process to check and determine scratches and marks found on the bottles. The University of Lausanne has developed this method, working with manufacturers of bottles and the experts involved in the report of the McLaren”.

This method, which should determine – whether the noble origin of the scratches on the bottle or criminal, and delayed the decision-making process.

The biggest problem with scratches exist, according to Elena Vyalbe, Alexander passenger cars. The athlete spoke at the meeting and “said everything I wanted to say. If it is necessary to prove the innocence of life, will prove a lifetime”.

“To say we left in a good mood, I can’t, because there was a double situation,- told reporters Elena Vyalbe. – Strong pressure was on the part of our opponents: we have systematic doping in athletics, it’s all exposed, and so on. Our attorneys are encouraged to that it is necessary to discuss a specific athletes and specific problems. I hope Oswald heard this, because at the end he said he still need some time to understand the situation”.

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