“The representative of Catalonia to the EU, has left the post

– The representative of the Generalitat (the Executive authority in Catalonia) to the EU, Amadeu Altafaj on Monday sent the Union a message, which informed them of the resignation. It is reported by Spanish newspaper 20 minutos.

His departure is associated with the application of the authorities in Madrid 155th article of the Spanish Constitution, which provides for the introduction of direct rule in this Spanish Autonomous community.

The message Altafaj noted that “represented the government of Catalonia in the European public and private institutions in an important period of Catalan history.”

“I’ve done this in accordance with the law and has always firmly insisted on political dialogue, dialogue based on respect, as the engine of mutual understanding and peaceful solutions”, – he stressed.

According to him, many Catalans are disappointed in the EU, but nevertheless “Europe and us, for our 7.5 million Catalans”.

As reported, the Spanish government last week sacked the regional government of Catalonia and dissolved the Catalan Parliament, then Madrid took over the management of this Autonomous community. These measures followed the announcement of the Catalan Parliament’s independence.

It is planned that the management of the Catalonia from Madrid will run until the December elections in this Autonomous community.

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