The strike by lawyers: law enforcers suggested that the lawyers work for free

In three regions of Russia government lawyers declared a strike due to increased wage arrears. The total debt of the Sverdlovsk region, Chelyabinsk region and the Republic of Karelia totals more than 30 million rubles. Problem interested in the Kremlin, promising to understand it.


For their difficult work by a state-appointed defender gets to 500 rubles per day. This penny wage is formed from the payoffs from three ministries: interior Ministry, Investigative Committee and the judicial Department. It turned out that the regional branch of the Ministry of internal Affairs and ceased to pay “compensation” for hours worked on frameworks for pre-investigation activities the lawyers of the three regions.

The first strike happened in the southern Urals by 28 September. The decision was adopted by the Council of the chamber of advocates of the Chelyabinsk region. Lawyers underpaid more than 12 million rubles, and the debt stretches back to the beginning of 2017. The lawyer’s protest lasted less than 3 weeks. The situation allegedly was able to resolve the Governor of the region Boris Dubovsky, however, as we have explained in the regional chamber of lawyers, the debt is still not repaid.

“At the meeting with the Governor was attended by the representatives of the Investigative Committee, interior Ministry, FSB and Prosecutor’s office. Security forces issued a statement that lawyers should work regardless of pay them a salary or not”, — told “MK” the President of the Board Ivan Kazakov.

Power Ministry acknowledged the debt to the lawyer in the amount of 17 million, promising to transfer the money before the end of November. This was followed by the request of the Governor to suspend the strike because its continuation will lead to the collapse of the entire system of investigation.

“Given his promises to us, we decided to meet authorities — explained the Cossacks. — However, I told the Governor that they hear such promises is not the first time, so I’m afraid that this time nothing will fail”.

According to him, the problem is systemic, therefore it should be addressed at the Federal level. Future conflict were counted in late 2016, when it became known that the payment of public defenders in 2017 just allocated 40 million rubles. Thus in 2016, the lawyers had to pay more than 70 million rubles, but failed to meet and pay off the debt in 15 million from the budget for 2017.

If in Chelyabinsk on strike lawyers knew everything and lawyers, which was able to call “MK” stood for each other and mountain in Karelia, the situation was fundamentally different. Someone said, what about any issues in the profession does not know, someone referred to the oral recommendation not to talk to reporters on the phone, and someone even said that in Karelia there is not a strike, and negotiations on repayment of debts.

In the Republic the duty to the state advocates the lowest — just over 7 million, but the public outcry he has caused the greatest. Lawyers ceased to accept applications from the interior Ministry to participate in new cases by appointment from the 5th of October, but the debt stretches back to June. President of the Bar Association of the Republic Mikhail Yamchitskiy hit by a wave of criticism of the regional law enforcement authorities, saying that the money to pay lawyers work is spent on other needs. According to him, a similar situation occurs for the third consecutive year. His “revelations” hurt not only the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Prosecutor’s office. The Supervisory body asked to explain the legality of strikes, or in respect of Lawyer chamber will start strict.

In the Sverdlovsk region, the strike will begin from 1 November, however, among the debtors not only of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs and the judicial Department. In sum, the debt is almost 22 million rubles. Regional bar Association refused to work for free legal aid until full repayment of debts on wages. Lawyers recommended to not only ignore calls to dosledstvennaja events, and trips to the court and the Investigative Committee. Law enforcement officials say that the debt is repaid almost in half — to 11.5 million rubles. However the Lawyer chamber of region “MK” has refused to comment on the situation.

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