“The white house has given comments about the role of blame former adviser to trump Papadopoulos

Earlier, the former campaign adviser to candidate trump has admitted to making false statements to the FBI

– The former campaign adviser to candidate Donald trump George Papadopoulos not been paid, and volunteer, said Monday at a press briefing, White house spokesman Sarah Sanders.

“This man was a volunteer member of the Advisory Board. He was not a senior adviser, he did not receive a salary, he was a volunteer”, said S. Sanders.

According to her, the role of Papadopoulos in the headquarters of the trump “was extremely limited”. “He has not taken any action on the instructions of the staff, it was his personal initiative”.

Earlier it was reported that Papadopoulos pleaded guilty that gave the FBI a false statement in the investigation on the alleged collusion of the election headquarters with Russia, and the confession was done earlier in October 2017.

A former adviser has accused that he lied to investigators about his conversations with some foreigner who told him that Russia has “thousands” of emails with incriminating evidence against the chief of rival trump in the presidential race of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

In March of this year, the Washington Post wrote that Papadopoulos has repeatedly made proposals concerning the organization of the meeting of the Republican candidate trump with the Russian leadership.

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