“The white house released the official portraits of President and Vice-President of the USA

– The white house on Tuesday released the official portraits of U.S. President Donald trump and Vice-President Mike Pence.

These portraits are traditionally situated on the walls in government offices in the United States, American diplomatic facilities around the world.

The Washington Post noted that the portraits were published after more than nine months after the shooting, which, according to the official schedule of the President of the United States, passed in January 2017. All that time on places where are usually placed the portraits of the leadership of the American administration, was only an empty frame.

The White house did not explain the reason for the delay of the publication of the images.

White House releases official portrait of Trump https://t.co/5Rnv3Gqt7a pic.twitter.com/LGwCHDg1FT

— Bloomberg (@business) 31 October 2017

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