“Throwing like a speck of dust”: the passengers of “Boeing” of the terrible landing in Salzburg

In a network there was video of scary plane landing in Salzburg, Austria, during which the Board almost touched the wing of the earth, then soared into the sky and flew back to the German Frankfurt. The passengers of flight in social networks shared their impressions at the end of the incident.

photo: a frame from the video

Emergency situation happened on Sunday, October 30. Boeing 737-800, flying from Frankfurt-on-main to Salzburg, landing nearly crashed due to a strong gust of wind.

The plane started to shake more on approach to the airport. When the Airbus with two hundred passengers on Board touched the ground, its right wing almost plowed the runway. The crew took an emergency decision to re-gain altitude, and the ship soared into the sky. An hour later the Boeing landed safely at the destination airport. Neither the passengers nor the crew members were not injured.

Watch the video on:
“The plane almost crashed with a terrible landing in Salzburg”


“It was something! – exclaims in social networks one of the passengers of flight Hans. – Threw us like a speck of dust. I would not want to relive such. I already began to say goodbye to life. Huge thanks to the pilots”.

It is reported that the airline Enter AIr intends to consider the awarding of pilots of the liner.


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