“Trump responded to the accusations against Manafort

– U.S. President Donald trump on Monday reiterated that his campaign headquarters is not associated with Russia.

“There is no conspiracy!” – trump wrote in his Twitter.

He noted that the charges earlier on Monday spectaculorum Robert Muller the former head of the election headquarters of President Paul Manafort and his former partner Rick gates, a long-standing concern events unrelated to the election campaign of 2016.

“I’m sorry, but Paul Manafort was part of a campaign headquarters a year ago (several years after the alleged crimes of the defendants – if). The question of why Hillary (Clinton – if) and the Democrats are not under suspicion?” – added trump.

Manafort and his former partner Rick gates on Monday indicted on 12 counts, including conspiracy against the interests of the United States, said the accusation, published by the U.S. Department of justice. On Monday, Manafort surrendered to the FBI.

Manafort joined the election campaign trump in 2016, but soon resigned after the media sounded the charge about his connection with the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

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