“Ukrainian paratroopers will replace the color of the berets with blue “color of blood”

– Command of airborne troops of Ukraine issued an initiative to change the colors used by the soldiers of this troop kind of headwear – berets – from blue to maroon.

“New traditions: Out of respect for the victories of the Ukrainian paratroopers in the current Russian-Ukrainian war, they proposed to use takes as the only everyday and ceremonial headdress. From a soldier to General of the army. Not the cap, and takes the colour of the blood shed in the battle for state sovereignty, territorial integrity and freedom of Ukraine”, – is reported on the page command, airborne APU on Facebook.

It is noted that at present, 59 countries in the world where assault units are not also special operations forces, including 19 member countries of NATO, use a maroon beret.

“Only 7 countries use their airborne divisions blue. Russia and countries, until recently addicted to: Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine. Bulgaria uses a blue beret for special forces units. For the world blue beret is a symbol of international peacekeeping forces, which are created by the decision of the United Nations”, – stated in the message.

In the published information it is noted that the change of uniform, symbols, insignia and identification of military personnel airborne APU is part of the reform of the Armed forces of Ukraine according to NATO standards.

“Ukrainian paratrooper needs to preserve their unique national identity and the identity of your heroic image, but the symbols, colors and emblems have to put the paratroopers of the APU in a single operation with the men of civilized countries. World history of airborne troops and their operations provide the opportunity and grounds”, – said command airborne APU.

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