“UN urged to take urgent action to combat climate change

– The state and companies make enough effort to combat climate change in the framework of the Paris agreement, says the report of the UN environment programme (UNEP) “On the gap in emissions.”

If companies and States will abide by its promises to combat harmful emissions, global temperatures will rise by 3 degrees Celsius by 2100, the report said. At the same time, one of the goals of the Paris agreement is to keep temperature rise below 2 degrees.

“A year after the entry into force of the Paris agreement, we still make enough to save hundreds of millions of people from an unhappy future”, – said the head of UNEP Erik Solheim.

The authors of the report note that States will need to exert more effort in 2020, when they reviewed the countries ‘ commitments to reduce harmful emissions. If the United States will maintain its intention to withdraw from the agreement by 2020, “the situation could become even more dismal.”

Earlier this year the President of the United States Donald trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate that drew criticism in the world. At the same time, the UN notes that carbon dioxide emissions remain at a stable level in 2014, in particular through the use of renewable energy sources.

The report of the world meteorological organization released on Monday, however, said that in 2016 in the Earth’s atmosphere was recorded a record high carbon dioxide content.

Agreement to combat climate change was produced in Paris in 2015 and to be concluded in April 2016 in the headquarters of UN in new York. Then the signature under the document was signed by representatives of over 170 countries, including the US, China and Russia.

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