Vladimir Gabulov has assessed the chances of CSKA in the Champions League

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The current goalkeeper of the Tula “Arsenal” Vladimir Gabulov scored a lot of cool wins at the international, as was said before, the arena: in the Russian team (at home over England, for example), and CSKA and other clubs. With his team red and blue have played their last match before an away game against Basel, the most important in the current group stage of the Champions League.

By the way, Tula with Gabulov in goal were stronger — 1:0. With this theme, we chat with the goalkeeper of Russian national team and began…

– What specific emotions are caused by the matches against CSKA? This is a good career or was better?

Matches with CSKA always make me special emotions, because with this club linked pleasant memories. Including biggest victories. Not to say that this match was the most successful: I had a chance to beat CSKA in the different teams. So the last game is only satisfaction. It was important for us to win and gain 3 points, and succeeded. Can’t say that we in some components beat CSKA. Soon the match was even and equal.

– Do you think CSKA have something to oppose to Basel? Watch and cheer for CSKA will be?

– I think that the coaching staff CSKA knows what to offer to Basel in the away match. They certainly made conclusions after defeat. I hope that the return match CSKA will hold much better. If the mode and the schedule of our training process in the “Arsenal” will, of course, I’ll be watching this match.

– My son plays for 2003, CSK Navy, so I know: water Polo goalkeepers, sometimes, reflect balls to the face. That is exactly what you parried a dangerous shot of Ignashevich. How often does that happen? This moment was the most, by the way, memorable?

I don’t know about water Polo, football goalies rarely hit the ball face. This happens most often due to ricochets or episodes that occur close to the gate. The goalkeeper just did not have time to react and the ball hits him in the face. I would not say that moment in the match with CSKA was kind of memorable. If only those remember that for a while I lost concentration. Well, that quickly went away and was able to continue.

– Arsenal had a series of successful matches against Zenit, “Krasnodar”, CSKA, but many rivals from the bottom of the table could not win. Yes, and “Tambov” in the Cup of Russia too, but it was a real opportunity to play in European cups. How offensive that is? Suffered greatly in the team?

– Yes, we lost almost all boxers who are not leaders of our championship. We painfully took these results, including the departure of the Cup of Russia. Experienced everything: the players, the coaches, and guidance. We need to draw conclusions in order to score points in matches with such teams. The desire to fight for Eurocups zone, of course. I myself have about these ambitions were stated, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Try to please the fans — that’s one of our main priorities.

– The next Arsenal match with “SKA-Khabarovsk” club, who plays your brother Georgy Gabulov. With what feelings will come out?

– My brother is now a small muscle injury – I hope that by the next match it will be ready. I want it as soon as possible get in shape and started to help his team. We have repeatedly took the field against each other, each match was played with the intensity of the struggle. The game the same, but most importantly, to avoid injuries!

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