Went “on business” in the 82 year: old caught with a hustler

In a curious story almost hit Moscow human rights activists, trying to stand up for the elderly to date, the prisoner in the Metropolitan detention center — the ailing and frail 82-year-old Williams Amirkhanyan. Because he was charged only with theft of 20 thousand rubles, they wanted to collect money (to pay damages to the victim) and request the investigation and the court about change of a measure of restraint to a sick man. But he was… a thief, famous thief named Vilik.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by “MK” a source in law enforcement, Williams Amirkhanyan was apprehended Moore. In the Bank at the Autumn Boulevard Vilik professional movement reached into the bag of one of the attendees and pulled out a Bank book of 20 thousand rubles in cash. The victim did not feel anything at all. But Amirkhanian did not consider that technical progress has reached a certain height: the theft was recorded by CCTV cameras. The elderly the thief was quickly arrested.

Despite its venerable age and a small amount of damages, the court chose a strict measure of restraint considering former “merits” of Williams. Family say that he was done with a criminal past state of health and age, and the unpleasant incident was a kind of attempt to remember the hard times, not to lose heart. The Vilik was transferred from SIZO No. 3 in hospital “Matrosskaya Tishina”. Of reputable slick of the old guard really serious health problems, it requires constant care and supervision of physicians. But in this case he found himself a prisoner of the past: if not for the dark stains in the biography, Amirkhanian awaiting sentencing at home. However, the members of the PMC of the city of Moscow intend to apply for his medical examination to determine the presence of diseases that prevent being in jail.

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