“What Blucher!”: each of the state Duma considered obscene name of the Soviet Marshal

Petersburg resident Alina Belyaeva complained about incorrect work of the website of the admission of the State Duma: it was not possible to leave a message for mentioning the name of the Soviet Marshal Blucher.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As Belyaev wrote “Vkontakte,” she “sent a letter to the state Duma. In the text banned mate, but I the same without him (although very desirable). Looking for the word “dick”, which the program doesn’t miss a letter. It turned out that it was a word in the address “Prospekt Marshala Blyukhera”.

“What the Blucher are you doing,” joked the woman. She later explained that “last straw” for writing complaint were cut down 20-year-old trees at the intersection of Laboratory and the prospectus of Marshal Blucher Avenue.

Note, however, that the site staff responded promptly to the complaint and sent a letter of apology. In it they said that it has fixed the problem and promised to reduce the term of consideration of the complaint in question in the letter was originally.

Support brought “a sincere apology” and thanked “for signal”.

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