“WikiLeaks has received correspondence Hillary Clinton from the US state Department

– WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said from the disposal of the organization in 2016 got the correspondence of the former candidate in US presidents Hillari Clinton. According to him, documents were received from the U.S. Department of state in accordance with the law on freedom of information.

“Hundreds of letters Clinton, released by WikiLeaks, were obtained not as a result of hacker attack, and the U.S. Department of State in accordance with the law on freedom of information 3 March 2016,” wrote Assange in Twitter.

The ‘thousands of Clinton emails’ WikiLeaks published were not hacked but obtained from the U. S. State Department via the Freedom of Information Act ion 3 March 2016. https://t.co/RwcCuhokmN (the ‘2017’ reference later in the document is a typo) #Papadopoulos pic.twitter.com/MEdrXY6uJz

— Julian Assange 🔹 (@JulianAssange) 30 Oct 2017

Tweet Assange is associated with the charges against the former campaign adviser to candidate Donald trump George Papadopoulos. The latter gave the FBI a false statement in the investigation of the relationships of the team trump with Russia. A former adviser told investigators how a foreigner told him that Russia has “thousands” of emails dirt on Clinton.

In interview to the program “Pozner” Assange also said that WikiLeaks did not aim to harm the election campaign of Clinton and dirt on trump did not publish because it could not find. While Assange is confident that the U.S. President “have secrets”.

“But he doesn’t use email, have not previously been in the government”, – said the founder of WikiLeaks.

During the presidential campaign in the United States in 2016 WikiLeaks published the correspondence of the Democratic party, that struck the stars out of Hillary Clinton. She ex-presidential candidate stated that the organization did this in partnership with the government of the Russian Federation.

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