“You yourself know?”: In “naanovo boy” was there a phone call

Brought down Alex Shimko Olga beneficial still tried to call the doctors to the accident site. Such data were announced Tuesday at the regular meeting in the Railway city court, where for the second month listen to the resonance in the case of an accident.

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We will remind, at the previous meeting, is participating in the trial, the Prosecutor provided the court with information about all calls to the ambulance that immediately after the accident, made the witnesses. There are two calls. Phone number Alisovoy was not among them, and therefore present in the courtroom, the reporters came to the conclusion that in operational service, the defendant is not called. But at the next meeting of the public Prosecutor has published the data about the calls to the service 112. And the picture changed. In service of rescue the call with the phone numbers of Olga Alisovoy was still. Fixed it in 18 hours, 58 minutes and 33 seconds.

To the answer of the court was hemmed disk with recordings of the voices of all the callers. Picked it up right in the courtroom. One of the women literally begging faster to send the car. “Please, hurry. The child is not moving. She it traveled by”.

All the court was provided with an audio recording of five phone calls (some were duplicate). But directly the voices of Alisovoy was not on any of the tracks. The last one was heard only the voice of the operator. Then an assumption was made that the voice of the Manager blocked the voice of the defendant.

— You learn to write? asked by the judge to Alisovoy. But Olga said: she write wasn’t listening.

— Can’t hear, you start to remember everything. But when I called, the operator told me the ambulance had already left…

At the same meeting, was also interrogated one of the 11 experts, the signatories of the second comprehensive examination, which appeared in the case. He explained that in some cases when moving of the body the fin machine can not be broken, simply because they are flexible enough. In General, the expert did not rule out that the car driven by alisova, could move the boy.

The lawyer of Alisovoy asked whether the expert to specify a specific location on the body of the child for which the vehicle was involved in a collision.

Due to the lack of specific signs of moving (and as previously noted by the expert, it happens. — “MK”), the Board can only assume that the car could move the boy into the area of the legs or trunk.

The representative of Alyosha’s father Roman Shimko was asked to interrogate in court by another witness. But in the interrogation had denied for quite a formal reason — directly the moment of the accident she had not seen. Maria Glotova came to the scene of the accident five minutes after it happened. “I saw lying under the right wheel “Hyundai” child. The ambulance was just leaving. Then the witness of the accident explained to me that doctors have stated the boy’s death. And then to the body came a man in a dark jacket and hood, picked up the baby and moved to the back seat. Then he disappeared somewhere. And before that stood there and talked with Alisovoy”.

The girl said of the conversation she didn’t hear, so can’t say if you knew that this man is Olga or just talked to her about the tragedy.

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