In College in the West of Moscow student killed a teacher and himself

In Moscow, in one of the schools killed the teacher and the student. This “MK” said a source in law enforcement bodies.

Lecturer Sergey Danilov.

The tragedy occurred in the educational institution “Western complex of continuous education” Guards on the street. It was formed after the merger of the two vocational lyceums and vocational schools. In one of the rooms on the 3rd floor during recess student Andrew E. was killed with a knife killed the teacher OBZH Sergei Danilov, 44, then stabbed himself, filming the event on camera and posting to social networks.

Student Andrew E.

From the received wounds both died on the spot. The deceased teacher had two children.

The corpses found a teacher of special disciplines, when I went to the office.

The development of the events “Student and teacher could cut a throat with a power saw, the third person”

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