In Moscow has passed football tournament “the Future depends on you”

In the great arena of stadium “locomotive” on 26-27 October, the real world championship on football among children left without parental care. He was attended by young participants from different parts of the world. The tournament was held in the framework of the program “the Future depends on you” by MegaFon and successfully operating for the past 12 years.

These competitions really special in every sense — without borders! Imagine on the field, teams of different ages, boys and girls United by a love for sports, passionate about football. This time in Moscow came the boys from Brazil, India, Egypt, Pakistan, and from not too exotic for the Russians of the Republic of Mauritius. The tournament was attended by our neighbours: the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Georgia. Russia was represented by two teams: from Orsk (2004-2005 born) and Smolensk (2002-2003 R).

— As against the girls play, then you will, if you get in the draw? — Ask the young players from the Smolensk command “Galaxy”.

Guys crumple, mutter something. Break, of course, an unwritten rule not to communicate with the athletes before the match. The situation is saved by Tatiana, doctor of the team:

Oh, that is what they are most worried about! For that can girls to lose…

Just at this time hear the voice of the commentator: at the other end of the arena Brazilians after the first half the thunder boys from Kazakhstan 3:0. Business…

Yesterday, on the evening Dating guys girls don’t like it, they say, is not very beautiful, our better. But after talking, made different conclusions— nothing is quite cute — laughing companion. Fun is clearly tongue-in-cheek, she and her children worried about the result.

— You have strong team?

“Very,” proudly says the doctor, took Kaluga, Sochi in may won a trip to London. So here we are the favourites.

One of the referees of the competition Fedor Klegin noted: exceptions, girls were not expected — this is football, but hopes the wisdom of boys. In the end, everything went smoothly. However, the Brazilians, cheerfully started the tournament, took the final sixth place out of eight. And the memory of Brazilian girls are not only bruises on his legs, and remembered the nobility of Belarusian boys that said the coach of the South team Jessica Mandara:

— The guys from Belarus have shown themselves to be real gentlemen who beat us because of football skill, not physical strength and brutality. My students became friends with them on the first day. So we really do not want to play against them. However, the good relationship we have established with many teams. Just a little Belarusians were the most congenial!

Tournament “the Future depends on you” sponsored by MegaFon, with the support of the Russian football Union, the Ministry of sport, Ministry of education and the Ministry of foreign Affairs, was held for twelve years and became the symbol of friendship of peoples. During this time the competition was attended by more than 3,500 teams and 35,000 pupils of orphanages and boarding schools of the 140 cities of Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, China. Together with the Foundation “Change one life” established in 1900 videoanket players-juniors, to attract the attention of adoptive parents, thanks to that 423 of them have already found a new family.

But back to this another day under the sign of friendship and kindness. At the opening of the tournament “the Future depends on you” the participants were welcomed by top officials of the Russian sports. Vitaly Mutko, as always, was positive and was infecting his energy not only players and coaches, but also journalists. He thanked the organizers of the tournament, stressing that the competitions are developing and have already reached the international level.

Wished Vitaly participants of the tournament and vivid impressions of his stay in Moscow, a good fair play, good luck and friendship.

With parting words addressed to the parties and to the General Director “the Megaphone” Sergey Soldatenkov:

For me this is a special day. There are people here 12 years ago, started a small regional project, which, as they thought, just needed specific orphanages. Today we are pleased to know that we managed to create the right sporting atmosphere for children deprived of parental warmth. Perhaps these tournaments will help them not just to believe in yourself, distsiplinirovanny, and give a chance to be successful. I want the children to feel not only part of one city, the country, but also a significant parcel of the whole world. After all, the future really depends on us!

Also, young players were made by the rector of the Russian peoples ‘ friendship University Vladimir Filippov and the Director of football club “the locomotive” Ilya Herkus. It should be noted that the venue of the tournament matches provided FK “the locomotive” and PFUR took care of the translators and the volunteers who coped with the tasks.

In the words of John ROE, Director General of the Foundation Street Child United — another partner of the competition, there was a respect for the Russians, able to adequately accept guests. He came to this conclusion at the stage of making decision on holding the tournament. Praised the organizers and wished luck to participants.

From not football, but very sporty guests at the opening ceremony was attended by the Olympic champion in figure skating Adelina Sotnikova. A curious detail: in comparison with the previous speakers girl looked subminiature — the microphone barely reach! Vitaly Mutko, like a true gentleman, rushed to correct the situation and a little to shorten the tripod. The head of the RAF has come and other organizers. Finally, the joint efforts of the drawback was fixed and Sotnikova congratulated the children on arrival for the world championship, are urged to use the unique opportunity to make friends.

Attended the event, and professional players in the past: ex-Russia striker Dmitry Bulykin, the double world champion on beach football goalkeeper Andrew Suchlicki.

Another real surprise was made by the organizers for participants and guests. With huge TV screens installed in the arena, to the guys asked the real stars of football. Coach Leonid Slutsky is a perennial coach of CSKA, now working in English “hull” said the motivational speech. Of existing professional players, good luck to the young players and wished the ex-player of “Zenit”, midfielder of Fenerbahce Juliano, goalkeeper of Russia and “Locomotive” Marinato Guilherme, Serbian defender and Zenit Branislav Ivanovic, goalkeeper of the Moscow “Spartak” Artem Rebrov finally, under a storm of applause and emotion his word said striker for England and Everton

Wayne Rooney.

And the start of the competition gave the team captains from Orsk and Smolensk, raising the flag of the tournament. Sang a song about the Motherland and friendship youth choir, stressing the importance of these words by multicolored national costumes of the participating countries. A symbolic blow to the ball struck the young player of the tournament he was Atabekov from Orsk, he passed the ball to Vitaly Mutko.

Ll players competed with teams from Mauritius and Egypt. If the pharaohs surrendered to the Russians without problems 6:1, the islanders, the Orenburg lost 0:2, taking second place in the tournament. Mauritius in the African Derby defeated Egypt and took the trophy.

The older everything was much more complicated. Strong teams was enough. Smolensk “Galaxy” game is not lost, and never only in the final, after a draw with their peers from Pakistan, lost on penalties. The Pakistanis throughout the competition was OK, and not knowing the bitterness of defeat. Defeat arch rivals Indians 15:0 in the quarterfinals and bronze medalists Belarusians 8:0 in the semi — confirmation of the fact that the title of the strongest team went to Asians deservedly so.

Interesting fact: the opponents are sincerely rooting for each other, told, advised. On the field and on the sidelines was an atmosphere of mutual assistance and support. Football unites! And, like, just ended the match, time to rest, to escape, and the guys from players suddenly turned into ardent fans. It’s amazing how one day you can soak up the sympathy for strangers yesterday people… In that spirit, and went the entire tournament. The future, of course, depends on us, and friends, peace and harmony mean a lot!

In addition to competitions the guests were well-considered and a cultural program. Visited the famous sports complex “Luzhniki”, marched along the Moscow river on a panoramic boat, where the awarding of the young Champions.

Winners of tournament were congratulated by the Vice-President of the RFU Nikita Simonyan and the champion of Russia on football Dmitry Sennikov. They were joined by singer Zara — the official Ambassador of FIFA world Cup 2018, who performed the same function in the tournament “the Future depends on you”:

— I am very grateful to “Megaphone” for the invitation to be an Ambassador of the football competitions among children. This status is for me — a high assessment of the work that have been doing for over seven years. Each of us — children and adults — need friends, helpers and really close to the people, because all the joy of life created in order to share them with those who love us and understand. I’m sure together we can do anything!

…Well, children were above all political differences. It was necessary to see how the players from India and Pakistan to the ceremony along with the pleasure of dancing, holding hands and smiling benevolently to each other. When that can still be found, if not at such events, where the ball is ruled by healthy competition and children’s laughter, where no look at the passport. This is the first step to understanding the two countries? There is hope that much of this generation of young Indians and Pakistanis resolve the decades long conflict waged by the ancestors. Perhaps the adult uncles and aunts should be more likely to take an example from ordinary kids…

It turns out, however, the purpose of the tournament is not only to attract children to the sport, but also teach very important in today’s fragile peace agreement. The destruction of any barriers— social, political, gender, age. One evidence of the success of the organizers in this direction is the fact that the guys from the national team of Belarus gave his prize from PlayStation girls from Brazil. Is not liking at first sight? In fact, as often happens, one meeting, one conversation or even confrontation, it is sufficient for the subsequent years of friendship. No wonder almost all the officials who gave speeches at the tournament, advised the participants to come together and find a common language. Looking at the guys, oblivious to skin color or nationality, with full responsibility we can say: the mission of this project is done.

In may of the following year, also in the framework of the project “the Future depends on you”, there will be a children’s world Championships, where 24 teams from 20 countries. Looks like this event will be a real warm-up to the world Cup in 2018 and another rapprochement of peoples, mentalities, attitudes.

Alexander Troitsky

Photo: Chow


(Junior age group):

1. Team SAFIRE, Mauritius;

2. Team “ORENBURZHYE” (from state special educational institution “Children’s home”, Orsk, Orenburg oblast);

3. Team “BANATY”, Egypt


(Senior age group):

1. Team “MUSLIM HANDS”, Pakistan;

2. Team GALAXY (SOGBU “Shatalovskaya orphanage”, Smolensk region);

3. The team “TORCH”, Republic of Belarus


The youngest age group

Goalkeeper — Kelvin Savarimuthu


Protector — Ravan Mahmud


Forward — Vladislav Gnasher

(command “Orenburg” Russia, Orsk);

Scorer — Muhambetzhan Sholtyrovich Jansen

(command “Orenburg” Russia, Orsk)

The older age group

Goalkeeper — Konstantin Zinenko (command “Galaktika”, Russia, Smolensk region);

Protector — Aleko Ananidze

(the Georgian team):

Striker Sergei Cotoman


Scorer — Mohammed Abdullah

(team Pakistan)


The older age group

Group A

Russia (Smolensk) — Latvia 5:0

Belarus — India 5:0

Russia (Smolensk) — India 6:0

Belarus — Latvia 4:1

Russia (Smolensk) — Belarus 2:2

Latvia — India 4:1

1 Russia (Rus) — 7 points

2 Belarus — 7 points

3 Latvia — 3 points

4 India — 0 points

Group B

Pakistan — Georgia 0:0

Brazil — Kazakhstan 3:2

Pakistan — Kazakhstan 4:2

Georgia — Brazil 1:0

Pakistan — Brazil 2:1

Georgia — Kazakhstan 1:0

1 Pakistan — 7 points

2 Georgia — 7 points

3 Brazil — 3 points

4 Kazakhstan — 0 points

1/4 finals

Russia (Smolensk) — Kazakhstan 2:1

Georgia — Latvia 3:0

Pakistan — India 15:0

Belarus — Brazil 3:1


Russia — Georgia 0:0

(2:1 on penalties)

Pakistan — Belarus 8:0

Match for 3rd place

Belarus — Georgia 2:0

The final

Pakistan — Russia (Smolensk) 0:0

(3:2 on penalties)

Matches for 5-8 places

Brazil — India 1:1

(2:0 on penalties)

Kazakhstan — Latvia 4:0

Match for the 7th place

Latvia — India 4:0

Match for 5th place

Kazakhstan — Brazil 3:0


(Junior age group)

1 Mauritius — 6 points

2 Russia (Orsk) — 3 points

3 Egypt — 0 points

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