“Ready to meet the killers”: the details of the execution of the “Chechenisation” Amines AquaWay

Law enforcement bodies of Ukraine it is difficult to hide the fact that in Kiev there is a systematic sweep of the radicals. In September in the center of the Ukrainian capital was liquidated “murderer Basayev” and “personal killer Saakashvili” Timur Makhauri (Ali Dimaev). Then unsuccessful attempt on the people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, who previously held the position of Deputy commander of the punitive neo-Nazi battalion “Azov”. And now the attack on the former head “battalion named after Dudaev” Adam Osmayev and his wife Amina Okueva, in which she died.

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The connection between these events is visible to the naked eye. Okueva was assistant Chairman before his death, and was just about to go to meet him. Makhauri, as well as fighting tandem Osman–Okueva, fought in the Donbass, however, in another part of the formation of the “battalion named after Sheikh Mansour”. MP Mosiychuk already expressed the opinion that all three of the assassination was the work of one and the same “subversive groups”.

According to Kiev, of course, Russian. Earlier, the same Osman claimed that Makhauri had removed the Russian security services, because, he says, the murder was organized very professionally. However, Ukraine also has its intelligence services, and their professionalism is no reason to doubt. In this regard, we can recall the murder of Sashko Bilogo. That it “smoothed out” by the Ukrainian side, no doubt. This is a harsh fact of life: after the war is no longer needed and unmanaged radicals usually “cleaned” “my”.

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“Live from the murder scene Amines AquaWay: investigators speak of “the ordering””


As already mentioned, MK, under the hijab “Chechenisation,” as she called herself, the Amines AquaWay hiding from Odessa Anastasia Nikiforova, the daughter of a native of Armavir, Irina Kaminskaya and the Director of the Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental art Viktor Nikiforov. With the Chechen people Okueva linked only to her husband, Osman was the third in a row.

We will remind that it not the first attempt at a fighting couple. The previous one occurred on June 1 in the centre of Kiev. Then the Chechen Arthur Denislav-Kurmakaev named Dingo wounded Osmayev, but Amina returned fire and seriously wounded the would-be assassin.

It was a very murky history, the buzz around which suspiciously quiet. The killer turned out to be quite an old man, known in the early ‘ 90s, St. Petersburg mobster, extortionist, and marriage scams. He acted very unprofessional. There was even suspicion that he was not the first attacked of the spouses, and they are on it. Familiar Osmayev and Okueva, volunteer Vitaly Deynega, said yesterday that the case on the first attempt they are not recognized as victims and removed the guard. “Perhaps they somehow could turn at attacking side,” suggested Deynega.

The behavior of the spouses was not obvious that they care very much about my life. Okueva, for example, directly before the attack posted to social network a “positive” photo: she and her husband, a friend and a cat in the car and the caption: “We are ready to meet with another killer”.

The meeting was held.

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